iPhone Review: Backbreaker Football | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "If you are looking for a full-on football game, keep it moving. What we have here is a nicely implemented use of Natural Motion's proprietary "morpheme" animation technology to create a simplistic mini-game of football using a single ball carrier against an increasing number of defenders. If you remember Midway's great arcade games from the 90's like NBA Jam or Hydro Thunder, then you get what the developer was going for. This game could have just as easily been called "Football Jam" or "Turf Thunder" and sitting at your local arcade circa 1996."

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bgrundman2971d ago

Isn't this just like a glorified mini-game?

roblef2971d ago

yeah, it just seems a little dishonest to me.

wondroushippo2971d ago

Pretty much, but at least it's only a buck.

bgrundman2971d ago

I found it to be rather disturbing how this is trying to trick consumers into buying it.

wondroushippo2971d ago

I don't see anything deceptive about this at all. It's a $1 game.