iPhone Review: Hip Hop All Star | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Hip Hop All Star has arrived on the App Store, attempting to emulate the success of other successful rhythm games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Tap Tap Revenge. It may seem like another rhythm game clone, but what may surprise many What may surprise many however, is the overall polish that I-Play's Hip-Hop All Star offers."

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bgrundman2972d ago

I believe that this is the definition of a bad game.

bgrundman2972d ago

it could have been something great but had far to many letdowns to follow through on

roblef2971d ago

i dunno. probably a bunch of white guys making the game, anyway.

roblef2972d ago

Don't they already have DJ hero to fill this niche?

wondroushippo2972d ago

In theory, this was finished before DJ Hero was, wasn't it?