GamePro: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

It only took twenty minutes of playing through the new GTA expansion pack, The Ballad of Gay Tony, for Tae to realize that it was the same old GTA that we all know and love. That means more missions, more activities and more crime. But it also means dealing with more of the same issues that have been around since the beginning. Still, for GTA fanatics, this is another reason to venture into the bright lights and dark alleys of Liberty City.

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DelbertGrady3336d ago

Another must have DLC pack for the 360 =)

Can't wait to try it out. The parachuting alone makes it worth it.

thebudgetgamer3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

but i still think san andreas is a better game. anyways have fun with it.


Greywulf3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

GREAT SCORE for dlc.

Elven63336d ago

You can technically also get it at retail courtesy of Episodes from Liberty City.

iChaos Amongus3336d ago

ODST, Borderlands, Forza 3 and now this all within the last month or so. I agree with Soda, this is worth it just for the parachuting/base jumping, not to mention the helicopter with missles and machine gun. :P

multipayer3336d ago

I'm probably going to buy this... but how fun do you think parachuting is, funner than jetpacks in Warhawk? I think not. So, that may account for $5 of the experience. I'll allow no more! From my experience with the lost & damned I expect it to be priced exactly what it's worth and still be disappointed there is no jetpacks like san andreas.

Did I mention I like jetpacks?

multipayer3335d ago

The moment when you first get a parachute is nice, it looks like they are rendering the city in a special way, because I never recalled seeing so far from the top of a building and it actually looking decent.

Oh yeah, and jetpacks are way better. /topic

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3336d ago
PotNoodle3336d ago


"KING OF POP! is a Sony fanboy" - in your profile..

That is funny, i seem to remember michael jackson protesting against sony, calling them "the devil" and "racist".

(Sorry, i had to)

Shadow Man3336d ago

eyepet and AFRIKA Flop really hard. Worst games this year.

Nitrowolf23336d ago

i wouldn't say eyepet floped, but afrika didn't do so well in reviews. btw im a sony fanboy and i have to say this isn't a flop. I might get disagree, but for 40$ bucks and 2 dlc thats a good deal, at least its not overpriced to 60$

playstation1233336d ago

Ahh so far M$ has nothing to offer, but DLC just as usual 'Yawns'

Shadow Man3336d ago

Is coming in a DVD later Moth3rphucker.

October 29!

playstation1233336d ago

This is the money you can save by switching to psn.

chrisulloa3336d ago

Yeah you save a lot of money when there's only one game to buy.

playstation1233336d ago

Besides games like gears and gaylo. What games you guys got?? We got MAG,Uncharted 2, R&C,GoW3,GT5 and much more 360 is a flop. Its pathetic you gotta get more than 3 consoles, because its a piece of shat.

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The story is too old to be commented.