A New Digital Age... When?

GrE writes, "According to those in the know, we should start to see downloads outselling boxed games sometimeBlu-Ray Pic around 2012/13.

Industry analyst Nick Parker emailed all the big players in the games industry to ask them when they saw the games industry having its "iTunes moment" and a whopping 11 of the 18 that answered 2012/13...."

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bgrundman3336d ago

Call me crazy, but I think this transition could happen sooner than that.

roblef3336d ago

You are so right. I bet there is a new Wii in the next 6-8 months.

wondroushippo3336d ago

I think it's gonna take a watershed moment for this to happen.

Cenobia3336d ago

I can't even get broadband internet.


The Great Melon3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Unless the Wii is simply an upgrade I highly doubt Nintendo is moving onto the next generation with their current status in the market. It would be foolish for them to release a new console when they easily can support the wii without any worries. Even just making an HD Wii would cause problems because how are they going to make games compatible for the current Wii. Space and processing power will an issue. The only thing I can think would use is a upscaler to output higher resolutions, but that's not really HD then.

I just don't understand how people would think Nintendo would like to throw away their position as the leaders to start all over.

evrfighter3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

already happened for pc gaming. we all know consoles will take the same approach

Hard drives are more durable, versatile, and faster than anything you can do on a disc.

pre-loading a game is the answer for any kind of argument you may have. even people on sh*tty DSL can pre-load a game if the pre-load is available a week or two in advance.

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wondroushippo3336d ago

I think bandwidth and hard drive space need to improve before we can really welcome it in on a long-term scale.

roblef3336d ago

Why worry about hard drive space when you can store things in the cloud?

wondroushippo3336d ago

I like some cloud stuff. Not a whole lot though for 'owning' content. And the bandwidth demands could be astronomical, especially for small content providers.

Fishy Fingers3336d ago

"when you can store things in the cloud?"

Yay, regulated media, no sharing or swapping with friends, no resale opportunities, I get to pay for something but only have limited choices on what I choose to do with it.

No thanks.

Darkeyes3336d ago

Apart from bandwidth issues, there are also problems with download caps at many places.... I personally have a 30GB/month download limit on my connection... I hardly even use it (apart from gaming online and downloading demos and stuff), but when full fledge games download start, expect few games to be more than 25-30 GB (aka PS3 exclusives or whatever is available by then)...

Plus, you can't share it with a friend or resell it, can't buy used games and get some bucks back if the game sucks.... Even the cloud feature doesn't appeal to me cause what if my net connection goes down?
What if I live in a remote place and lets say PSN or XBL (the then) is not supported in my country? At least PS3 games being region free allows you to buy a copy from anywhere and play... Too many factors in hard copies favor.

If the transition does occur, then I still would prefer hard copies along with it cause I love my collection.... If the next gen consoles come out with only DD, then I will jump back to PC gaming... Firstly HDD sizes should be massively upgraded (I laugh when I see that some consoles don't even come with a mandatory HDD) and then the download connections should improve with no caps, then we can dream of streaming everything via DD..

Sp1deyluvr3336d ago

And what of the people who really like the hard copies? There are still people who actually BUY CDs...

I totally agree with you also. I mean, getting more storage may be more expensive than getting the disk.

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bgrundman3336d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that solid media will never completely do away. There are too many materialistic people out there like me ;)

thebudgetgamer3336d ago

how many people have the internet speed, let alone internet at all for this to happen.

LordMarius3336d ago

"I think bandwidth and hard drive space need to improve before we can really welcome it in on a long-term scale. "


cyborg69713336d ago

Your all right three years not possible that is a wish not a prediction.

Grandreaper99993336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I'm going to shed a tear the day that I can't ever hold my purchase in my own two hands and say "I own this".

Edit: Is it just me, or does anyone else love the smell of a newly opened game?

Sarcasm3336d ago

"Is it just me, or does anyone else love the smell of a newly opened game? "

Well not the smell, but I like the feeling of the fresh new manual, and seeing the shiny disc.

It's human nature, we love to have physical things to call our own. Which is why DD will NEVER take over 100%. DD is going to co-exist.

Godmars2903336d ago

Or will someone tell me this is another "BR is Doomed" article?

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