UK Government Strangling the Games Industry

GrE writes, "It's always a bit of a hoot when politicians weigh in with opinions on video games but this time around oneVaizey mugshot is offering to champion the industry, in his own special way of course.

Ed Vaizey, the Shadow Minister for Culture, has said that the current UK government has strangled the British games industry.

He added,"While the video games industry has boomed globally, growing by 20% in the last two years, we have lost 44 studios representing 15% of the sector. NESTA research indicates that external investment in privately operated UK developers has dropped by 60% since 2008 and that employment is down 4%..."

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bgrundman3308d ago

This makes no sense to me why they would do it because this is such a huge future industry.

Darkstorn3308d ago

I agree, the government needs to have a larger role in creating tax breaks and incentives for game development. France and Canada have great government programs to reward game devs, and England and the U.S. need to realize that these government programs will do a lot of GOOD for the country and the economy.

bjornbear3308d ago

its HUGE already! very sad news indeed

I hope this changes soon, maybe w a new wave of young politicians

Highwayman3308d ago

I agree with Darkstron here.

Anyone with a brain can see that video games help promote growth in an economy.

bgrundman3308d ago

Isn't this pretty much biting the hand that feeds you?

roblef3308d ago

Nice pic! they really need to keep in mind what is actually bringing the country revenue.

bgrundman3308d ago

you would think that common sense might dictate that, but politicians are morons.

wondroushippo3308d ago

Politicians are politicians because they're idiots.

wondroushippo3308d ago

"Ed Vaizey, the Shadow Minister for Culture"

That doesn't sound ominous at all. Like being a Chancellor.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3308d ago

Hes the person who wuld be the minister for culture if his party hadnt lost the election.

table3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't games like GTA, Football Manager, Tomb Raider, Driver and LBP come from British studios? I know there is probably a lot more that have moved elsewhere but I'm sure some of the best games have come from the UK over the years. The government should recognise this and cut them some slack.

Cajun Chicken3308d ago

Yes they do. British studios, but a majority of those are owned by overseas companies mostly in the US these days. So the independence of the studios is going down which is also not helping the homegrown game industry.

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