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GrE writes, "Sometimes it feels a little like the gaming industry lacks true innovation. So many publishers and developers seem to play it safe and stick to tried and tested genres, never daring to step out of their comfort zone to trying something new. That's why it is great to see an amalgamation of the city building and MMO genres. This is a combination that I don't think has been tried before, and in the case of Cities XL, it very nearly succeeds in its goal.

Comparisons to the SimCity series are pretty hard to avoid. With SimCity being such a landmark in gaming history, while simultaneously setting the bar for what is expected from a city building simulation, it's inevitable that a game like Cities XL would be compared to such greatness. However, this could potentially be a big mistake, as I suspect SimCity veterans and newbies to the genre will have entirely different experiences..."

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bgrundman3336d ago

Sorry... this looks like a SimCity ripoff to me.

wondroushippo3336d ago

Looks like? I think it pretty much IS.

wondroushippo3336d ago

I like the idea of the game, but I'd love to see the Will Wright take on it.

bgrundman3336d ago

MMO + SimCity copy = Cities XL... need I say any more?

roblef3336d ago

That seems a bit extreme if you ask me.

Sp1deyluvr3335d ago

Yeah. I was thinking the SIMS rip off thing too.


Gameplay9993335d ago

Its nice to know it is finally going to be released, and obviously all of the comments above are not into city-building games... a city-building game besides SimCity count me in! Couple that with an MMO , pretty cool I just hope they got the execution down.
What I wouldn't give to this on a console!