PES 2010 Update Released

Konami has released a new update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, now available for download. The patch adds Legendary, Community and Competition features to Online mode.

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Jamie_C_UK3331d ago

Patch 1.01? So what was the patch that was out the other day?

Amazing how konami got this patch thru the whole sony qa stage for release to psn so quickly... usually takes weeks! did konami know it needed a patch and already started the ball rolling before release?

PoisonedTea3331d ago

This "update" was released LAST WEEK upon the game being released. This is old news. The proper update (which will update squads, kits, etc.,) has yet to be released - if it ever will...

Jamie_C_UK3331d ago

Have you downloaded the WENB option file ;) Its great.

PoisonedTea3331d ago

I definitely have...awesome isn't it?