D+PAD Magazine: FIFA 10 Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes: Football's a funny old game. That's the phrase, right? The one that's supposed to convey the extraordinary highs and lows, the shocks and shambles of the world's favourite sport? One month you're leading the pack, the next you're scrambling outside the top five in your worst run since Ronald Reagan was in office. It turns out that old adage extends to the world of digital football, too. A decade long reign at the top from Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer was finally brought to a halt by the rejuvenated and refreshed competition – David Rutter's EA Canada finally nailing a progressive effort to bring both fun and simulation to their franchise with last year's outstanding FIFA 09. Twelve months on and both sides are back on the park, ready to square up for the only derby in town, a winner takes all affair that's seen a summer of big name features added and more pre-match mind games than Ferguson vs Mourinho.

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