PS2 : 140 millions sold

sometimes there are things like that which marks the history and nobody sees it coming and it is precisely the case here with the PlayStation 2 has reached the astronomical figure of 140 million units sold worldwide every Console confused whether the salon or mobile...

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BigKev453331d ago

PS 3 has underwhelmed this gen. It won't reach the number the PS2 has.

Pennywise3331d ago

The article is about the PS2 BigKev.... Way to be off topic.

Fishy Fingers3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Nothing will. The PS2 was a phenomenon.

Godmars2903331d ago

I would say, "Don't you mean the PS1?" But of course the PS2 outsold it :P

zeeshan3331d ago

I think that's one reason Sony didn't introduce software emulation of PS2. I wouldn't do that either if PS2 was still selling and turning profit. I think when PS2 finally dies (say 2 years from now), they'll bring back the backword compatibility. Makes perfect sense!

Godmars2903331d ago

But if they did, especially now with the Slim and lower price, they'd not only be giving this 140 million install base reason migrate to the PS3, some of the lesser 3rd party devs would have some breathing room and revenue sources to upgrade. Or stay where they are.

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mikeslemonade3331d ago

Take that stupid Wii and DS. Why don't you go make games Nintendo!?

unrealgamer583331d ago

how is it possible that the wii has'nt surpassed the ps2 with hits like these!!!!!!!!

mabreu3331d ago

you know that will sell like hot cakes.

heroicjanitor3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Nintendo really need to stop with those ads they make me sick... Perfect families smiling and having ridiculous amounts of fun... Where are the drunk dads beating the sh!te out of their children for playing such a game!? They hid as much of the walking gameplay as possible too:)

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Micro$oft will NEVER Beat that!!! EVER!!! ;-D

+ The day i got my PS2 and opened the Box it was in, i could hardly breathe i was SOOOOOOOOOO Excited!!! ;-P Yes i'm a REAL GAMER, just because i don't like the BORING xBox Brand doesn't stop me from being a REAL GAMER;)

'But, but, but you got to own all 3 games consoles to be a real gamer' the idiots on the internet say...
Er NO!!!(i say) ;)