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VGD: "As if people buy CDs anymore!" This line, spoken by the eponymous Tony Prince in The Ballad of Gay Tony, seems ironic in light of the game's inevitable release as a physical boxed product in addition to digital download through Xbox Live, and is also a good example of how unashamedly blunt and with-the-times some of the themes in Rockstar's latest (and final) instalment in the GTA IV series is.

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dirigiblebill2971d ago

Bring it to PS3 already ;_;

WenisWagon2971d ago

I put that quote there for the PS3tards, because this Xbox 360 exclusive is clearly AAA, but if I just said that then they wouldn't have known what I meant, because they've never seen AAA material on their console.

2971d ago
jjesso19932971d ago

yep they need to bring this ps3 this is what gta 4 should of been iam sure rockstar will find away around the contract so they get it on ps3

Sitdown2971d ago

GTA IV could not be what it was suppose to be because it was released on the therefore it would be impossible for the Ballad of Gay Tony to be what GTA IV should have been........since it is still on the 360.

Sonyslave32971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

lol only xbox b!tches look at the droids wishing this game was on the ps3 lol what happen to yall anti gay slurs.

dirigiblebill2971d ago

"Sony droids" is such a lame expression. At least "Xbots" sort of makes sense.

trancefreak2971d ago

hey ass wagon why do always delete ur first post very annoying. cant handle your comments to be debated so you delte em. yo seem More like a wuss wagon then a real wenis.

SmokeyMcBear2971d ago

content and price tag sound like a good match

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The story is too old to be commented.