Rumor: Rockstar Working on GTA 5 and PS3 DLC

Yes I'm bringing it up again because its an interesting note. The GTA content is exclusive to Xbox, obviously, but this could very well be timed for sure. In a recent interview with my local radio station with "Cousin Ed & Dima" from Rockstar, they suggest the content is defently just a timed deal.

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thebudgetgamer2945d ago

as much as i would like some dlc for gta4 on my ps3. im tired of all the rumor articles.

N4G king2945d ago

its a 50-50 chance
maybe its true
maybe its not

gamesR4fun2945d ago

still any company thath would take a cash bribe just to screw the console that made it famous...
only thing odd is the fact they havnt tried to find a way to tap the ps3 market inspite of the contract...
musta been a hell of a team of lawyers that wrote that one.

BadboyCivic3602945d ago

i will believe it when i see it....50 mil is a lot for DLC thats more than halo 3 budget.

StanLatMarveldotCom2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

" . . . the content is defently just a timed deal."

Right, I really want to trust someone who can't spell definitely? Besides, Jeronimo Barrera, Community Manager at Rockstar claimed they were done with DLC.

Greywulf2945d ago

GTA4 is old & MGS4 moved more consoles than it ever did.

starvinbull2945d ago

Like most PS3 owners I think they should just get on with GTA 5 and forget about the DLC. There's a handful of people really eager to get it but if it's such a ball ache then just forget it and bring GTA 5 out sooner.

bigrudowsky2945d ago

yeah from what ive heard it was more of a loan.. If ms doesnt make the 50 million back on it rockstar or taketwo have to pay them the difference. So im sure its going to go to ps3 eventually just gonna take sometime.

Venomish2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

@ 1.1 you logic fails so much
as much as the teacher in this video
forward to 3:00 if u are lazy to watch the whole thing (i recommend u watch it lol)

whothedog2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I agree, forget about DLC for the PS3.

50 mil for something timed is crazy.

MazzingerZ2945d ago

Of course it's timed-exclusive, SONY itself said "nothing is exclusive forever" when asked about third party exclusivity and specifically GTA IV DLC.

Ragz0172945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

which might be a ps3 exclusive.. saying this cuz gta4 didn't live up to the expectations and is the worst GTA ever imo.. i think we all know that making gta4 as huge as sa wasn't possible with next gen graphics on a DVD..

zeeshan2945d ago

I say let Xbox360 owners have all the GTAIV DLC they want. Just make a proper GTA5 and better if it is a PS3 exclusive to take full advantage of extra storage and horse power. And make sure AGENT is worth the whole wait.

StanLatMarveldotCom2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I see a lot of fanboys on here don't use common sense. 50 million dollars wasn't for DLC, it was to have GTAIV released day and date on the XBox 360 and PS3 and it was worth it for Microsoft who made 46 million in royalties alone within the first few days of release of GTAIV on its console. GTAIV is still one of the largest launches of an entertainment IP in history. The revenue Microsoft made having the game released multiplatform was tremendous. Just imagine those 7 million XBox 360 owners having to buy a PS3 to play the game. Even if it was released a year later on the XBox 360 as GTA games had been last gen, it would not have been the windfall and success it was for Microsoft. So keep talking that bullcrap that Microsoft paid 50 million for DLC. Microsoft more than got their monies worth.

corneliuscrust2945d ago

with your "logic"

people here don't seem to like this logic you speak of

frostypants2945d ago

Not just a rumor, but a lame one at that. GTA4 was the most overrated game of the decade (eeking out Fallout 3 by a hair). It was a total downgrade from GTA:SA. They could release the DLC for free and I wouldn't care.

gintoki7772945d ago

yea let rockstar make ps3 dlc ballad of straight tony =) theres a reason they gave gay tony to the 360 lol *im joking*

but anyways if this is true i dont know if I will want to purchase because there is way to much stuff coming out we are all gonna be broke =(

himdeel2945d ago

...NO THANKS!! Use those resources on GTA5 and/or Agent. I personally do not want DLC for a year old game.

Xbox Avatars Shoe2945d ago

How are they going to make 2 huge games like Agent and GTA5 at the same time?

I wouldn't be surprised if the GTAIC DLC came to PS3 since M$ paid a lot for FallOut 3 DLC that eventually came to PS3. I have a 360 (and PS3) but I'm not interested in GTAIV DLC at all! GTAIV was dull and not nearly as good as San Andreas.

DaTruth2945d ago

I don't want a new episode, if it doesn't come with a new city! And I definitely don't want to pay $20 for it! Maybe for $5, but they can't pay actors for that kind of money.

Noctis Aftermath2945d ago

It won't phase me if the DLC comes out on ps3 or not, as a ps3 only owner i didn't buy GTA4 cause it's sh1t, so why would i want the dlc that is barely any better.

Now about GTA5, i don't know why this game would be any better, it will be restricted in size for the sh1tty ass xbox and it's lack of space(dvd9 and lack of HDD in every console)and there is no point making GTA5 if it's not going to be as good as San Andreas, if i want to play a mediocre GTA game i will go out and buy GTA4.

jessupj2945d ago

While I might not put it like that, I do agree. Anyone that thinks gta5 is going to be a ps3 exclusive is living under a rock. MS will ABSOLUTELY NOT let that happen. Not just for the money but for the humiliation they'd feel if they let it slipe. They're just so proud and arrogant and NEVER admit defeat, MS would just haaaate it so much to the core of their souls their heads would explode.

So yes, we all know gta5 is going to be multiplatform and because of that it's going to be limited to the 360 capabilities, namely dvd9. I want to be excited for gta5, the gta gta4 was went to be, but I can't because more then likely it's going to be much the same. Maybe agent will be the game gta4 was suppose to be.

andron6662945d ago

I don't know how you'd think the GTAIV DLC wouldn't come to PS3 now.

Even several magazines have said it's a timed deal since from right after it's release...

WildArmed2945d ago

50-50 chance.
Great video, had a great laugh.


rockleex2945d ago

Not only that, Microsoft only let Rockstar borrow the $50 million. They still have to pay it back.

That makes it HIGHLY likely for the DLC to come to the PS3.

But that depends on whether Rockstar made enough money out of the DLC or not.

ThanatosDMC2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I'd be impressed if they can top San Andreas. That's their GTA game to beat in quality and quantity and scope and awesomeness and etc.

Wouldnt it be funny and sad if the content is all ready on the bluray and it just needs to be unlocked?

Hideo_Kojima2945d ago

"Jeronimo Barrera, Community Manager at Rockstar claimed they were done with DLC."

No he said they are done with Liberty City.
It doesn't mean they won't make a new town with a couple
of missions on it that might be linked by the airport or
something like that.

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swiftshot932945d ago

Id actually like this but unfortunately I traded back my copy of GTAIV a couple of months ago to pre-order MW2 :(

I might get the retail package for 360 that has both episodes, although Im not very interested in The Lost and Damned.

BadboyCivic3602945d ago

retail package is the way to go...I think LAD is based off "Sons of Anarchy"...Gay Tony seems like the better of the 2...

LarVanian2945d ago

Just give us PS3 owners Agent, Rockstar. I could care less for GTAIV DLC.

jessupj2945d ago

I agree. Even if it does come to the ps3 I won't be buying it. I want agent, a game that is only limited by the ps3s hardware, not the 360s capabilities.

Hideo_Kojima2945d ago

I wish they would stop teasing us and give us a trailer of
what the game will look/play like.

Has the team from Rockstar that made GTA made any
other games?

Were they good?

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