Forza trainers now ready to run

Step right up and get your brand spanking new limited edition Forza 3 inspired PUMA trainers for just £65. Taking things too far, or some cool runnings?

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sinncross3160d ago

Those looks kind of... ok I suppose.
I wouldn't pay 64 pounds for those.

Chubear3160d ago

I must say though, those actually look really good. I do have a soft spot for Puma though :)

Cold 20003160d ago

Finnaly...the Definitive pair of sneakers !

Nah on a more serious note, theyre actually not that bad at all !

WildArmed3159d ago

Looks like a design from nike lol or Reebok.
I'd buy it, but alas.. .its not nike lol

Note: These shoes provide an experience that is YEARS ahead of the others (jk)

NotoriousWarrior3160d ago

they will be going through the floor just like the cars do in the game lol. you will also be able to perform ballerina better, the cars in-game do it gd.

im joking don't take it seriously.

3159d ago