Windows 7: A Day 7 Scorecard

PC World writes: "It's been almost a week since Windows 7's official launch, and a ton of information and opinion is out there surrounding Microsoft's latest operating system. On the one hand, you have positive reports of Windows 7 helping extend battery life, installed on new PCs with less crapware, and offering a more intuitive interface. But users are also complaining about annoying issues like delayed driver support for peripheral hardware and upgrade bugs.

Here's what people are loving and hating about Windows 7:"

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thorstein3336d ago

If you haven't bought this OS, then you need to. I had Vista 64 bit Home Premium Ed. (and a rig that could handle it). It had to be the most solid OS I have ever used. It crashed once since launch AND I believe it was my fault.

I work with OSX everyday and the problems with Apple's piece of crap are endless.

W7 is a must buy. It is faster, lighter, and just does everything better. I replaced Vista (via the upgrade disc) for $50 (as much as Xbox Live ;-P) With my FiOS connection nothing is impossible. But as far as loading times, they have improved greatly and boot up times, meh, I haven't even bothered to time it. Why? It already (seems) to support many of the things Vista and XP did, although in a much cooler way. Also, if you buy the upgrade (cheaper) it comes with a full install. Scared of losing files from Vista? Don't be. Everything goes into a nice little folder called Windows.old, so no loss of data or media for me.

Anyway, that is a PS Fanboy's view of what the big M$ does right.

Pandamobile3336d ago

Why would you being a PS3 fanboy have anything to do with Windows?

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LordMarius3336d ago

eh I happen to use Vista and you know how bias I am, I'm still on the edge on upgrading

SnuggleBandit3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

please tell me the problems you have with know so i can try and avoid them.

On topic...i'm definitely gettin this, not sure whether i want to wait for sp2 though. How long does that usually take?

Theoneneo813336d ago

lmao OS X has more problems than windows you get a disagree right there bud.

flip-it33336d ago

Seriously W7 is great! Boots up and down fast. Better performance even on my 2006 laptop, I only had to install 1 driver! Great little features here and there which make it a great experience. I was thinking of getting a Mac but after getting W7. I'll be sticking with PC for a long time.

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OpenGL3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I got the blue screen a few times during install, and experienced some driver issues with the 5870. It is working now, but so far I'm not really that impressed. Sure it might be better than Vista, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. It also uses more memory than XP did, however less than Vista. Still, I've only had it installed for a day or so, and I'll need at least a month to really decide if it was worth the upgrade. In case anyone is wondering, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a Phenom II 955 @ 3.6GHz with 4GB of DDR3, and a Radeon 5870.

trancefreak3336d ago

LOL its funny how people dog on microsofts windows os just because they dont like the 360. to me its a totally separate entity or discussion.

TotalPS3Fanboy3336d ago

Had to stick with a generic stereo driver. So no surround sound for me. Sucks.

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Theoneneo813336d ago

I hated vista took it of in a week when i got it it was probally the worst windows realase Windows 7 is great the only thing i hate and hated with Vista is the new network stuff I preffered Windows Xps over to that

Somnipotent3336d ago

upgraded from vista home premium to windows 7 professional... performance is definitely better.

trancefreak3336d ago

best os I ever used xp was the bomb now its win 7 crown. Every pc/laptop I own now has a clean installed version of win 7 ultimate.

I liked vista but personally win 7 feels meaner and leaner.

karan86243336d ago

Too bad the reputation has been messed by Vista. I have tryed Windows 7, it actually IS good. I plan on getting a new computer soon, and want one with Windows 7 for sure. But like I said, people are still wound up with all the vista hassles, so W7 will take a little while to catch on.

evrfighter3336d ago

actually if you've been reading around. Windows 7 seems to be a major hit. Definately the OS a lot of people expected Vista to be. Myself included

I've been running 64bit Ultimate win7 for about a week now and I've not had a single issue be it compatibility or system errors.

darkmurder3336d ago

Well lets say Windows 7 is the bird, because well everybody's heard about the bird b b b bird bird bird bird is the word. In otherwords people have only heard good things about it.

trancefreak3336d ago

i disagree win 7 is Microsoft's totally refined os and it shows. People have been flocking to the new os from reports around the web but well have to wait on the sales figures unless someone has a link.

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