Nintendo Life: Nostalgia Review

While Nostalgia never strays too far from the more traditional gameplay elements that have made Japanese RPGs so popular with fans of the genre, it does toss in enough unique design elements to make it stand out from the many other DS RPG titles available. In fact, aside from being a bit predictable at times, it's honestly difficult to find much to complain about: the real-life locales and fluid story-driven quest offer RPG fans something to really sink their teeth into, and the side quests turn an already epic main quest into an even meatier adventure for those who choose to take them on.

Combine all of this with not only a very well-executed traditional turn-based combat system, but also some extremely enjoyable airship battles, and what you have is easily one of the more refreshing RPG releases to hit the DS system and a game that no RPG fan will want to miss out on.

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