Globe and Mail reviews DJ Hero - Taking DJ Hero for a spin

Globe and Mail writes:

At this point, the last thing most gamers want is another music game peripheral to add to the guitars, drums, and microphones already cluttering their living rooms. And that might be the biggest obstacle facing DJ Hero (FreeStyleGames/Activision – Teen), which comes with a proprietary turntable controller. Hopefully it won't prove too much of an obstacle, because this is a game that ought to prove plenty of fun for lovers of mixed music.

First things first: That turntable controller. It's about the size of a laptop, with a volume cross-fader, effects dial, and "euphoria" button on the left, and a small album carousel on the right that looks as though it might have been designed to spin 45s – assuming you ignore the three big coloured buttons that jut up from its surface. It's made of a mixture of matte black and silver plastic, and, consequently, isn't as flashy as some of the guitar and drum controllers that have come out in recent years. Still, it feels good and the build quality seems decent – which is to say it's held up fine over the course of a week filled with intense scratching sessions.

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