Brink boss: PC-only sales cannot "justify" triple-A budgets

UK-based Splash Damage got its start as a modding house founded by hardcore PC gamers who made games for hardcore PC gamers.

The studio is responsible for the popular 2001 mod Quake 3 Fortress, and has since developed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the 2008 online shooter, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, among other releases.

But while Splash Damage has its roots in hardcore PC gaming, the studio has had to adapt to a market that is highly-focused on console gaming. "About two or three years ago we realized that we really wouldn't survive if we only made PC games, since purely making PC games was incompatible with our goal of making triple-A games, said Splash Damage head Paul Wedgwood.

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Pandamobile3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Unless you're Valve.

topgeareasy3332d ago

not lazy (valve are so lazy)

Pandamobile3332d ago

Are they lazy because it takes them forever to release games, or are you just butt-hurt because they don't make PS3 games?

kaveti66163332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I think Valve will start dedicating more effort to consoles as well. Of course, PC will, as of now be the primary platform for them because it provides for an easy, accessible community, and allows them to send in patches and extra content without the hassle of Microsoft's royalty fees and stuff like that. But in an interview Gabe Newell spoke about how he wanted Microsoft to make the 360 more "open" for those kinds of things, and clearly MS hasn't listened to them, but if at any point in the future MS or Sony start making their consoles community-friendly, then I don't imagine Valve not taking advantage of it.

PS3 is not "hard" to develop for. It is merely tedious because of discrete processing architecture. Is Valve lazy? Hell no!!! A developer who spends years and years perfecting not only their games but their method of development does not strike me as lazy. They're dedicated to the platforms they currently support. The size of the community of gamers who flock to Valve and make use of their SDK tools and modding ability is a testament to how much Valve cares.

EDIT: Somewhere along the way from yesterday, someone decided to remove a Bubble from me. I checked all my comments to see what, if anything I could have said offended anyone that they would punish me, but I do not understand. Not that I care, but I kind of feel mad that fanboys have 6,7, or even 8 bubbles and I'm stuck with 3.

Cosquae3331d ago

Maxis (sim... about everything, spore) is (very nearly) PC only, they haven't exactly done badly.

Blizzard (WoW, Diablo, Starcraft) I think have one or two dollars laying around from making PC games.

Crytek (Crysis) I think even managed to make money on a pc only game despite some rather high piracy rates and (at the time) stellar system requirements.

I have great respect for Splash Damage, I thought RTCW:ET was amazing at the time and I spent many a happy hour there, but their niche market of multi-player fps games for the pc does put them up against consoles a lot of the time.

HDgamer3331d ago

Someone is a little touchy, they are lazy because of lots of reasons. L4D has no story at all. Half life 3 and the other episodes from 2 should've been out. Mostly they reuse a lot of their stuff from earlier games, fanboys will say it's cheaper for them but if it's so cheap why not reduced the price of a linear game with not much replay value.

Crytek isn't lazy, they are actually doing something far greater than Valve.

Nihilism3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

The fact is that most game makers are going multiplat to stay profitable, but:

Starcraft 2 and diablo 3 ( 2 pc only games...subject to this pc industry destroying piracy i keep hearing console players mention), will both sell 12 million a piece. Now hands up anyone owning a console that knows of a console game for their respective console's that have sold 12 million...anyone???, i didn't think so.


i don't mind a multiplat either, as long as they put a decent effort in, farcry 2 and fallout 3 are some of the most amazing games on pc, and they are multi

HolyOrangeCows3331d ago

Stop with this stupid BS, you two.

Exclusivity almost never gets the sales AAA games deserve.
Unless you're an overhyped, ''cool'' game franchise like Halo.

AssassinHD3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Whether Valve makes Playstation games or not does not seem to matter much. Half-Life was released on the PS2, and Half-Life 2, with both episodes was released on the PS3. It remains to be seen if EP3 lands on the PS3, but even if it doesn't the sky will remain above us. Personally I think you deserve to lose a bubble or two for bringing up the PS3 in a discussion that is clearly centered around the PC.

mal_tez923331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

But their scheduling is off. Releasing Left 4 Dead 2 this year was a bad idea. They should have aimed to get out Episode 3 this year, and maybe some more TF2 updates, and postpone Left 4 Dead 2 until next year or even 2011.

The article does make sense though, with the console market growing, and the PC market shrinking, mutliplatform releases make sense more than ever. Console exclusives like Halo and Uncharted seem to do OK without any PC version available, it just goes to show how console gaming has taken over.

Nihilism3331d ago

As mentioned below, The Witcher, an RPG from a relatively unknown developer...a foreign made game, sold 1 million, pc gaming doesn't do badly on it's own either, but why make profit from 1 platform when you can make it from 3?. P.S, halo 1+2 came to pc also. If uncharted ( the ps3 mainstay, even had it's own bundle only sold 2 million...compared to my 'witcher' example) then ps3 isn't exactly going in all guns blazing, 2 million is the benchmark for console game sales, games hardly ever break it, and the fees to devs/publisher to put games on console's are phenomenal when compared to the low cost of developing pc games, the whole situation is exaggerated by greedy companies like activision who ( no matter how many sales) will say that they're not making enough money, as they said about pc titles.

sikbeta3331d ago

Even if I hate Newell now that I'm a full console gamer, you are right, but there is only ONE Valve, so is logical what this Devs are saying and much more when you think about Piracy

Knghtz3331d ago

Lol yes let's not bring up the ps3 in every article, just Halo. It is much more relevant to the article and all...

HolyOrangeCows3331d ago

I was making a point about "AAA" games. Stop trying to sound smart.

likedamaster3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

"or are you just butt-hurt because they don't make PS3 games"

You definitely struck a nerve there. Unfortunately, if you say anything negative about the PS3 your bubbles WILL get raped.

I'm with you though Valve & others like Blizzard, etc. can pull it off but for maximum profit it'd be more practical to launch it multiplat... unless of course it wouldn't make sense to like WoW.

BattleAxe3331d ago

Seeing as how Valve makes multi-patform titles (Xbox 360/ PC) you haven't made any point at all.

As far as Consoles go, I have a PS3 that I do most of my gaming on, but I've got a gaming PC that I've ordered that I'll be playing the odd PC game that comes out that I want to play, not to mention the so-called Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction. I already picked up Crysis: Maximum Edition and Far Cry 1. As far as Half Life, Half Life 2 goes.... meh, I can see where HALO got its crappy alien character models from.

Knghtz3331d ago

How am I sounding smart? I was just making an observation...

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chak_3331d ago

make it good, and as a PC gamer i won't care it's multiplat.

A good game is a good game.

zagibu3331d ago

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Console gamers and PC gamers are different target groups, with different priorities. And then there are the technical differences between the platforms.
Currently, multi-platform games tend to work best on the "target platform", for which it was developed, and not so well on the platforms it was ported to. Rarely does a developer go the extra miles to achieve a "perfect" port, that takes advantage of the strengths of the different platforms.

As a PC gamer, I have to say that game length and quality has constantly gone down as console popularity has gone up.

NeloRisi3331d ago

like The Witcher. That game has done a million + sales all legit. But I digress, its a big risk to make a game only for the PC. If you're not lucky of if the genre isnt too popular... your game will sink.

For Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 --> Those games are coming off the back of very very very awesome and successful franchises. You *know* they will be a success.

Captain Tuttle3331d ago

Those will make money because of their immense popularity and the fact that Battle.Net will cut down on piracy.

Knghtz3331d ago

I agree with Captain Tuttle on this one. If games like Modern Warfare had company-run servers, obviously the game would probably sell a lot better as a result.

champ213331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

pc still gets its share of exclusives.

look at the xbox which is known to be a software seller, how many exclusives did it get in 2009?

thats all that comes to my mind

Pc got:

Dawn of war2
total war

fact is if no multiplat deveoper is making AAA title exclusive to pc.. they surely arent doing it for a console either.

development costs just have gone high, for which a developer needs all 3 platforms (pc, ps3, xbox) to support the costs and even if they didnt why should they ignore a certain base?

90% of the games out just are multiplatform.

however all of us know, which platform gets the best version ;-)

pc gets the best version, while being cheaper to play then any of the other platforms.

evrfighter3331d ago

you left out

Arma 2,
The Sims 3
PC also gets the real Left4Dead 2

On top of the 2 games you already listed...

free2game3653331d ago

Maybe if you live in a bubble where only shooters exist. But right now MMOs are a lot more expensive to make than FPS games and right now there's a lot of PC only versions of those.

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