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DJ Hero: Renegade Edition Unboxing and Thoughts

GrE writes, "I like techno. I might be the only one in this little town that does. So when I saw my first video of DJ Hero I was stoked. The day has finally arrived. I can now scratch virtual records on my little plastic turn table. I raced home, tore open the box, and snagged a few pics just for you..." (DJ Hero Renegade Edition, Xbox 360)

wondroushippo  +   2218d ago
You know, I am really not seeing enough here to justify an additional $80, still.
roblef  +   2218d ago
yeah, it is very much overpriced, but welcome to the world that we are gaming in.
bgrundman  +   2218d ago
I have to admit, I have such a chub for this game.
Sp1deyluvr  +   2218d ago
I SO love you for that comment.
roblef  +   2218d ago
I can't wait to play it in two player with another person on guitar.
wondroushippo  +   2218d ago
That might be cool. They almost had to put it in, didn't they? The multiplayer's gonna be like Guitar Hero 1 in terms of no one owning the peripherals yet.

What would be cool is if it was supported in future Guitar Hero games.
wondroushippo  +   2218d ago
MC Hammer vs. Vanilla Ice? Was that supposed to sell me on this game?
starven  +   2218d ago
1 and 1.1 -
To be fair, I probably paid for the silhouette of Jay-Z and Eminem on the sides of the box. The build quality is nice though. The case is pretty solid as well. May not be $80 worth, but I like the all black turntable as opposed to the gray one. For me, this has been an awesome purchase.
rawd  +   2218d ago
They should have done a hiphop version, and a techno/electronic music version IMHO
starven  +   2218d ago
1 -
I was an hour into it. Cypress Hill, Daft Punk, Classical mixes, Gorillaz just to name a few of the better mixes on the disk. If you like techno/house music, the track listing is worth a look.
darkroomdemons  +   2218d ago
I had a lot of friends contribute to this game (including the late DJ AM) and they had expressed great enthusiasm about both the peripheral and the game itself, saying it was just the kind of thing to get people thinking DJs are truly musicians. Well, at least some of them. I hate guitar hero but would love to give this a go.
Sp1deyluvr  +   2218d ago
I think it's a great opportunity for people to get more familiar with DJs and the quality of music they're able to produce. I think it will also give a lot of knowledge to people who don't otherwise know what DJs even do to begin with. Thanks for the review! It's great!
monkpunk1  +   2218d ago
do yourself a favour then...
This game is assmunch..... Buy some real decks ffs.

Failing that buy a midi controller and some software and learn that instead, your friends would be far more impressed with that than playing this sheite.

Great for house parties too.
NoBias  +   2218d ago
"your friends would be far more impressed with that than playing this sheite. "
Heh, calm down show-off. This game isn't about impressing your friends lol, wtf?

It's about having fun WITH your friends and them being able to switch off and play as well.
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Scary69  +   2218d ago
I agree with you guys about it really not being worth the extra $80. I myself just purchased the regular version for $119 as a Christmas gift for my BF. Cannot wait to see his face when he does opens it. I just hope he doesn't find out he has it until he opens it Christmas day..lol
iheartSONY  +   2217d ago
Cool gift!
Hey can we date until Christmas just so you can can buy me this gift? I will be a good BF I promise. I feel the bond already.
CanadianDana  +   2218d ago
There's no way I have the cash before Christmas to buy this, but the turntable looks a lot better than I thought it would!

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