Fairy Tales and Video Games

Gavin Bard of TheGameReviews considers the burgeoning relationship between folklore and video games, discussing everything from the more cutesy angle of Kingdom Hearts to darker themes of The Path.

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SlamVanderhuge3129d ago

Interesting article. I enjoy the darker fairy tales mentioned in the article, with Alice having some sharp, creatively designed visuals and environments (despite the plain, repetitive gameplay)

Still need to play The Path

iTZKooPA3128d ago

Alice was fantastically "original," if that makes any sense.

mr durand pierre3129d ago

Really interesting read, though I'm not sure I'd call God of War accurate or even close. I really need to play this Path game. (Crosses fingers for an XBLA or PSN port).

shoinan3129d ago

Can't see it coming to XBLA or PSN, still have it on my PC to play...

BetaChris3129d ago

I've always been a fan of pushing the envelope story wise - even if that means using folklore as a basis...

gidzilla3129d ago

When is that Beast of Bodmin game coming out?