The Burn: Raychul Moore

The newest segment by Your Health is Low. The burn is the flaming of things that are going wrong or you just hate in the video game industry.

This Week: Raychul Moore

This week Jay is Burning Raychul Moore who not only proclaims to be THE girl gamer but really just doesn't have a clue when it comes to gaming. While checking out the site called Thoughts from a (girl) Gamer he began to read up on the authors. Which if you haven't checked out Tara and Kristianna you should. They provide a nice look into gaming that feels like a refreshing breeze. But we're not here to talk about those girls so much. While reading Tara's bio on the website Jay came across the reason why she is doing the blog. He was a little thrown off to learn that from her point of view a certain girl name Raychul, was the reason that she needed to do what she was doing. Tara made it seem as Raychul was a fraud and didn't really know what she was talking about when it came to games. Jay read this and understood where she was coming from but he still became curious. This girl would have to be pretty far off base or Tara must just really not like her. So he went and looked up Raychul and found Tara wasn't far off base at all. In fact she actually frustrates Jay to the point that she warrant a burn. So congratulations Raychul Moore!

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Tony P3127d ago

Would not be surprised to find another "gamer girl" is just a wannabe model who poses near nude with controllers. It's pretty evident the moment you hear or read the person try to speak about the subject. I say the same thing for books: if you're going to be a fan, know more than titles. But I don't support a smear. And the 'burn' article sounds pretty darn close to that.