GDN: Darkest of Days Review (Xbox 360)

It's rare that a game manages to be so inept and with so many insulting flaws in its design that I'm reduced to slumping in my chair, sighing, and wishing I had a large stock of liquor handy, but Darkest of Days managed that with ease. I tried to cut this game some slack because it's from a small developer, yet this time travel FPS is a perfect example of wasting a great idea on a bad game. It starts off with a tutorial battle putting you as a soldier in Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn, and just before you're about to die a ripple in time opens; a futuristic agent comes out of it, pulling you to safety and effectively recruiting you to the group he works for. From here, you're tasked with protecting history and finding certain individuals in some of history's famous battles. That sounds awesome, right?

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