How to purchase Japanese PSOne Classics for your PSP: part 2

While the European PlayStation Network Store has its fair share of treats, it only takes a cursory glance at the list of goodies available to Japanese PSP owners to realise that we're getting a little short-changed when it comes to content.

Thankfully, getting around this issue is relatively easy - with a bit of tinkering, it's perfectly possible to access both the US and Japanese PlayStation Network Stores and sample what Europe is currently missing out on.

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Hobgoblin3255d ago

This is a really good series. Damn useful.

Shadow Flare3255d ago

It does annoy me how few psone games are released on the store. Sony could put up 5 or 6 psone games every week on the ps store. Instead we just get like 1 a month. And its usually some crap like The Little Mermaid. Put up games like colony wars or micro machines v3

Eiffel3254d ago

Or get custom firmware and emulate the games on your PSP.

Close_Second3254d ago

Not everyone wants to be a thief so take your modding your PSP suggestion and put it where the sun don't shine.

As for the lack of PS1 games on PSN I agree that its a joke. But when you have a company like Sony New Zealand going up to hit for you you always know you're going to lose.

Eiffel3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Lmao, okay first you need to calm down. Second I only emulate PS1 games I bought in the past, so suck me off. And if Sony doesn't support their PS1 titles on the PSP then they are pretty much asking for people to do this. Which they are so..they put it upon them self to not supply to a demand that their consumers want. Classic in denial pull the trigger aim at foot method.

But of course you're gonna be a tight wad mother douchebag and consider I just pirate as the means to pirate. No. So STFU.