MS: Pachter's $100 Xbox LIVE Gold claim 'flattering'

Xbox LIVE Europe general manager Jerry Johnson has described games industry analyst Michael Pachter's claim that the annual Xbox LIVE Gold subscription fee will be raised to "100 bucks" as "flattering".

Last week the outspoken Wedbush Securities analyst said on Gametrailers' Bonus Round that "we all know" that the fee is "going up".

"It would be interesting to understand what his basis was for that," Johnson told "It's interesting to have someone come out there and say, 'I think it's worth more than you're charging'. That's not something I'm used to!

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i3eyond the Circle3253d ago

It's a beast service.

I'd never pay $100 for any service tho.

1080p HD streaming is great and any game I play is abundant in active community.

Everything is just getting better from here.

Once MW2 releases XBL will get a huge burst of life.

It will be a good time. Hope to meet some new popele

4Sh0w3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Its a great service, I have some good friends and met many more great gamers on Live, we all love it but not 1 of us would NOT pay $1 more than what we pay now, not because we couldn't afford it but on the basis that it should be getting cheaper or free since competing services dont have a fee, for the record I dont mind the cost because I knew that it would cost me from day 1 and given how much I use it, its worth the price for me. Any increase in price would be a death sentence, I frankly havent met anyone who would pay more, since psn is free, thats why competition is good, without psn getting better microsoft would definitely have raised the price and wouldn't be looking for so many ways to improve the service.

3253d ago
Shadow Flare3253d ago

Live should be free. Especially when its competition has 256 player games and does so for free. No other online service makes players pay to play online. Microsoft charges because they know people will pay. Its not a matter of what it offers. Why did microsoft charge $50 for Live on the first xbox? All that did was do online multiplayer using p2p networking again. That was it. Why were they charging for that? Because they knew people would pay. Respect to sony for not being greedy and keeping psn free, and some key respects, better.

Chubear3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

When Halo Reach comes out, will pay $100 for the year to play it online? I haven't seen an answer yet though.

Remember, that'll only be $8 per month for the best online experience and features on any console.

Serial_EDX3253d ago

Why answer when its not going to happen. XD

Chubear3253d ago

Just humour this little pathtic gamer here and view it as a hypothetical.

MS would NEVER have Gold membership for 100bucks... but if they did, would you pay 100bucks a year for Halo Reach online? hypothetically speaking ofcourse.


@ Chubear

MS have not done it.. because they know they would not get away with it.

I am sorry, but everything has a ceiling point to it.
no matter how die hard a fan anyone is.

hence why this guy says it's "flattering" because he knows they would not be able to pull it off.

In this time when people are pressed for money, a lot of people would not go along with that.

Any mature person who works for their money ( like me ) knows that as great as xbox live is, you can't justify paying $100 a year for it.

Anyone who is not a mature gamer ( ie, all the 12 year old kids that ps3 fanboys seem to think are the only ones on live ) would need to justify the increase in cost with whoever is footing their bill ( mum and dad ) do you really think they will go along with that ?

would I pay MS $100 to play Halo reach when it comes out, hell No.. even though I love halo to bits and I am a big halo fan ( you can check my comments ) and a lot of the people i know would not.

There is always a limit to which consumers are willing to pay and no matter how much you have brand loyalty, there is a limit to how much you can push your fans. Remember the PS3 launched at $600, remember sony said people would work two jobs to buy one.... did it happen.. NO. A lot of people seem to forget that the ps3 had a price cut in it's first year. It had a price cut in Japan before it even released if i remember correctly. why, because sony hit that wall. Thats the power that gamers/consumers have.

the same would apply to MS. they have been smart so far because yes they nickle and dime us..a little bit here, a little bit there, nobody cares as much, but they know something like this would not follow through.. not when the ps3 is offering free online play.

Chubear3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

so you said you would never pay 100bucks a year to play Halo Reach.
Just wait 'till you see trailers for Halo Reach. You'll quickly change that tune for sure.

Yes, there is a limit but MS knows that limit cause they know their base.

kingme713253d ago

What % of XBox Live users play Halo online? I have XBox Live and have never played Halo multiplayer, so they would lose my business if they bump it up to $100 when Reach is released. Let's say 25% have never played Halo online, there's a good chance they lose that 25%. On top of that out of the 75% that do play Halo, do you think all of them will bend over for that 100% price increase especially in this economy?

whoelse3253d ago

So they take it as a complement that Patcher thinks that they are so greedy that they will increase the price because they hope 360 owners will pay for it anyway. lol

RAAAAAGE3253d ago

Millions of people pay over $100 a year to play World of Warcraft so I could see them raising the price. Not this gen but possibly next.

darthv723253d ago

the service is going up? What are the signs he is seeing?

I know from a business standpoint, the signs you see are when more people leave the service to go to another alternative. Leaving those that remain to foot the bill in their absence. Eventually MS has to see that the features offered by PSN are all to similar to what live is all about.

Like the days of AOL. People paid for the community and it thrived till people started to see that you didnt need AOL to enjoy the internet and slowly started turning to the net on their own. Live is like AOL. Great when it started and still great to this day but getting harder and harder to justify the price.

DARK WITNESS3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

@ Chubear

NO I would not.... In the same way that I would not pay the extra £5-£10 that Activision are asking for MW2.

I love cod4, I play it more online then Halo3, if I can boycott MW2 over a £5 increase I sure as hell will boycott live.

I already don't pay for any of the download stuff on live or most of the arcade games anymore because I feel they are over priced.

I have only bought about 3 games off the arcade. two of them I bought with free MS points that i got. In the same way I don't buy themes or gamer pics. the pic you see in my profile is the same one I use on live and I have used it since the first year the 360 came out. I don't touch any of the avatar clothes etc.

Sure some people will still pay for it, the ones that are die hard enough ( prob the same people who don't mind the activision price increase because they think they can't do anything about it )

I simply value my money. I own a ps3, two 360's, 40LCD, psp so i am not saying it because I am some kid that can't afford to or anything. but I work for my money and value what I do with it. Everything has a limit.....even live and what MS can charge for it !

If MS really thought they could get away with it and we are that stupid why do you think they dropped the price of the 360. don't you think they would rather make as much money from it as possible ? They had to drop the price to compete with the ps3... You think they don't know that if they increase the price of live they wont loose even more. With all the stuff they have added to live so far they have not increased it since it first came out on the old xbox. anyway, just saying.

HighDefinition3253d ago

If your "cool" w/ paying $100 for XBL, you deserve a kick in nuts.

PSN- Free w/ Mods
PC- Free w/ Mods
XBL- $100 no Mods

See, kick in the nuts.

IdleLeeSiuLung3253d ago

Shows that you guys care though and as the article points out, it is flattering for MS though....

AAACE53253d ago

The only way they could make it worth $100 is if they added a ton of stuff. Some free to play MMO, or something, I don't know. But as it stands right now... I would not pay $100 for the content available.

4Sh0w3253d ago

I would not pay $100, I pay now because there is some extra value in it for ME(friends, the online community), I'm not going to quit Live just because some random guy on the internet thinks I'm a fool, but its not an addiction like a drug or something, Iam a free thinker, if they raised the price I would quit along with many other users and hopefully microsoft would see it was a mistake. I would easily migrate my playing habits over to psn and so would many of my friends, but today and in the future as far as I know its still the same price as launch day, which btw there are tons of ways to get it cheaper, especially online, but my point remains that I'm fine with the current pricing although I wish it were free or cheaper either way I enjoy it, I enjoy psn btw too, I just favor Live for online play thats all.

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keysy4203253d ago

50 bucks now plus netflix 8.99 plus sky t.v 14.99 that means live already cost 72.99 wtf are you talking about your damn clost to 100 right now

Mr_Bun3253d ago

I haven't seen 1 Exec flat out say "No"...the best I heard was "...not over the next few months"

Chubear3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

From what I'm seeing, MS are looking to exit the hardware side of gaming for sure. Yeah yeah yeah you can talk about how they have developers working on games for the xbox3 but they bottom line is games can be in development but they don't get the actual final development skus till about 4-8 months before actual launch.

It's looking might obvious that MS is looking at doing one of two things

1) Gathering as much revenue from the 360 in it's final days b4 dumping the base (this is why I think they'll release ALL their well know heavy bangers for Christmas next year to capitalize on this agenda) or

2) Coming out with a console to compete with Nintendo instead seeing as Nintendo increased their slump in sales for each gen with the wii by over 100%. They could look to mimic that.. which to me is still kinda the same thing as #1 tbh.

If you support MS, you are a fool indeed.


but if these bots spent that money on a system already . just like in sports you have to BELIEVE....

Darrius Cole3253d ago

I don't think that Microsoft is going to get out of the hardware business anytime in the near future, but can you imagine the Xbox fans' reaction if the did. People still haven't gotten over the Dreamcast dying, and know you are talking about 360 dying.....They would be putting bombs is Sony's mailbox if that happened.

Still, I don't think Microsoft is getting out anytime soon. Their pockets are deep enough for them to go one more generation even if they end up losing money overall this gen.

trancefreak3253d ago

I really don't see ms exiting @ all. I can see them possibly making live $100 annually on a new console souly because each gen the prices for games and accessories now services go up.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony started charging next gen either things will be much different then but Kaz Hari stated free access to playstation network is the way to sell products and services so we'll see. I believe Sony wont but hard to tell next gen whats to come.

D4RkNIKON3253d ago

I will laugh and laugh till it hurts.

Shadow Flare3253d ago

Here's hoping Live doesn't have another meltdown for the entire xmas period again this year lol

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