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Warhawk: Aerial Skirmish Gameplay HD

'After testing out the flamethrower we hit the skies to try and destroy the enemy base from above.'

More Beta footage now in HD, enjoy (PS3, Warhawk)

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Antan  +   2863d ago
Looks really impressive, again im drawn towards the clouds!!!!! nice fluffy clouds!!!
LoveHateTragedy  +   2863d ago
The clouds are AWESOME
Can't wait to see the final volumetrics in Lair and Killzone. =] The animation in Warhawk was been remarkably improved as well.
achira  +   2863d ago
an awesome game!!!!!!!!!! when does it come out ???????
masterg  +   2863d ago
makingdamage  +   2863d ago
Heavy heavy...
Xbot_Killer  +   2863d ago
im in the beta
and yes the gameplay rocks with kickass graphics. I was skeptical at first but I will definitely pick this one up.

on a side note my son is a Gears of War freak along with halo,crackdown...yada yada yada

ever since he saw me playing warhawk on the PS3, the 360 hasn't been turned on in 3 days.......lol

like I've said many times before, by this time next year people will be like "halo who?, 360 what?..........just my prediction.
nix  +   2862d ago
he he he...
i don't think it will go to the extent of "halo who?, 360 what?" but yeah.. i liked the son angle... q: that made me laugh!!! he probably thinks that you're the coolest dad now, eh? q:
timmyp53  +   2863d ago
i want to see some dogfights.. but still looks fun.. i want beta.... yea the clouds even look good in sd,,,
StrboyM  +   2863d ago
I admit
I eat crow... i thought this game would suck, then i thought it would suck even more with no single player campaign .....crow taste good with ketchup.

p.s. im glad i was wrong
nix  +   2862d ago
LOL dude!
quiddd  +   2863d ago
Warhawk beta then disk

In my estimation, the best thing to do is make the downloadable version available at a affordable price. Then when the disc is available(I think with a single player addition), make it the regular price. Is that the current plan?

If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
Rybnik  +   2863d ago
I think that is feesible and its exactly what the 1UP crew think. However, there has been no official (or unofficial) indication that single player will make it at all...we will see.
gunnerforlife  +   2863d ago
this game looks wicked i cant wait till i get my ps3 this is going to be up there with dmc4 and HS on my buying list.
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SimmoUK  +   2863d ago
This beta is great, everyone is giving it really good feedback, it's really fun to play, only compaints have been the freezes but it's only beta, good game glad they concentrated on making the multi player kick some ass...
PhinneousD  +   2863d ago
well it doesn't look like a triple A title... but for a $30 psn dl it looks great.
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fenderputty  +   2863d ago
Yeah ... those graphics look like doggy dodo compared to what it really looks like
The game is just flat out impressive. Flying the warhawk is just balls to the wall fun. Turbo boosting through a canyon to avoid missle lock. Killer. I too was skeptical. It lost it's single player mode. It's been getting change after change. Possible controversy with Sony. Then I played it. Now I want it.
Rybnik  +   2863d ago
I see
Although, I haven't gotten to play it yet, I see what you mean, this clip doesn't quite show off the extreme frenzy that can be seen in other clips, but you do get to see the fluffy volumetric clouds at the end!
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IQUITN4G  +   2863d ago
Yup this looks like fun.Reminds me of Crimson and we all know how much fun that is.Explosions were a little weedy and the soldier sections a bit toyish but i bet it's a hoot.
TaylorB  +   2862d ago
When I first saw the video, I immediately thought: This guy doesn't know how to play. In a populated game, Warhawk is much more action packed. And there's almost always plenty of Warhawks. (2-3~ for each side on small maps, 8+ on large maps)
lil bush  +   2862d ago
the disc version is only 40 bucks, but it comes with a free bluetooth headset, so im going to get that instead:)...........
solideagle1  +   2862d ago
download vs disc?
whats the difference b/w download and on disc.
has warhawk included an offline multiplayer option because in my area there r no broadband so just askin can i enjoy with my friends offline.....doing this crazy multiplayer stuff? :P
i hope it should be otherwise i can not enjoy this game :P
sak500  +   2862d ago
Nothing impressive
Warkhawk lookis like a RC controlled flying ship. Whats with the colors?

Yawn, back to playing Battlefiled 2142.
Juevani  +   2862d ago
yeah cheer ur self up with that 360 crap.. back to the video

this game looks like alot of fun, I've allways like the game, but when they said i was only goin to be a multiplayer game I was a little dissepionted to be honest, but after I saw all this videos, Im def gonna get this game..

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