God Of War III Demo Packed Into District 9 Blu-ray

According to an article from, the District 9 Blu-ray movie will include a playable demo of God of War III. The District 9 Blu-ray won't be released until December 29, 2009, so it's a bit of a longer wait for the God of War III demo than when the demo on the God of War Collection will be released. What's different from the God of War Collection's included demo is that the District 9 Blu-ray will include the God of War III demo on the disc itself, rather than having to download it. also noted that a behind-the-scenes of the making of God of War 3 will also be viewable, once you complete the demo.

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thorstein3336d ago

Great movie and a free Demo of a great game. Simply amazing!

gamesmaster3336d ago

get out of my head winter!!!

chaosatom3336d ago

Is this really confirmed?

gaffyh3336d ago

Only thing I didn't like about District 9 and Cloverfield, both films were made to not finish on purpose. Which is annoying when you have no idea when the next film is coming out. Both films were good though.

For example, Matrix 1 had an ending, then when they did 2 and 3 it was like a continuous thing. LOTR came out 1 year after each other, so it didn't matter that they didn't have endings.

MGRogue20173336d ago

... Why include it in this blu-ray release though?

Blaze9293336d ago

thats...kind of a weird match up. Ah well District 9 sucked the first time, not even the GOW3 demo will make me spend money on this blu-ray.

I thought the demo was coming with the GOW Collections game anyway?

N4G king3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

so the movie is done in a Sony Studio ??
or owned by Sony or something ?

YEP .... kinda
".....distribution deal with Sony Pictures under TriStar Pictures for North America, all other English-language territories, Korea, Italy, Russia and Portugal"

i guess thats explains it

starvinbull3336d ago

Sony are totaally dominant from a multimedia point of veiw so to use all their leverage is a smart move.

joydestroy3336d ago

i was already picking this up. now i'll make sure to get it day1

Cenobia3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Well technically those movies definitely finished. The main characters plots in both movies were resolved and they will not appear again if there is a sequel.

The events that happened in the movie world are still ongoing but I wouldn't say the movie didn't end. I liked the endings to both of those films and think that they would have been a lot less epic if they had tried to shoehorn conclusions in about the monster/aliens.

I think the Matrix had a very similar ending. Neo was "the one", but the Matrix was still around.

Raf1k13336d ago

District 9 is amazing. It was difficult to predict what was going to happen next and I thought it ended very well.
The guy who played the main character was really good. I hated him to begin with (good actors will bring out some form of emotion from viewers) but he turned out alright in the end lol.

This demo is still sooner the the GoW Collection release in Europe so I guess it's a plus for European GoW fans that aren't importing.

presto7173335d ago

Game demo in a movie? Dayum!!

Now thats what I call a good move.

Aclay3335d ago

I saw District 9 in theaters 2 different times and loved it. I had already planned on buying it on Blu-ray anyways, so this has me pretty excited, especially since I'm not able to connect my PS3 to the Internet that often (currently not connected), so I'm glad that there'll be a way to get the GOW3 demo via Physical medium.

himdeel3335d ago this is great if I'm a bit delayed on my purchase of the GOW1-2 box set. I can rent lol the GOW3 demo and then watch a movie too :)

ultimolu3335d ago



The Great Melon3335d ago

That's awesome, favorite movie of the year along with the God of War. Things can't get much better than that.

tmt3453335d ago

because of the bad acting, i swear i heard the guy swear hundreds of times (which just got in the way) and if i heard him say "baby" one more time i think my head would explode like that guys head did.

morganfell3335d ago

The Cell CPU is neural net processor. A learning computer...

MNicholas3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Why didn't they do this from day one? Every Sony published Blu-Ray should have had a PS3 demo on it.

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Pennywise3336d ago

I will already have played it with the collector set, but good news for those not buying it. Two birds with one stone! I want to see this movie.

Kappa Mikey3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

This is awesome the best movie of 2009 together with a demo of the soon to be best game of 2010, it's a win-win situation

Alcon Caper3336d ago

I hope it will have some content for people who don't have a PS3 so they can see it in action.

miasma3336d ago

I really enjoyed District 9, and I was on the fence about getting on BR, but now it will be a definite buy. Can't wait for District 10...

Raf1k13336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

District 10?

edit: A sequel would be great but I think with movies like District 9 and Cloverfield one is enough because of the way they end and leave you thinking.

miasma3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I definitely agree with you, however, District 10 is already in the planning stages. I would like to see where they go with it.

Unfortunately, I thought Cloverfield was a complete waste of time in film making....

beardpapa3335d ago

I would definitely love a district 10. It was crazy at the end of 9 and somehow you knew he was alive, but he became a prawn at the end of it all. I wonder if the other prawn will come back and change him back. Probably not though.