CNN: Are video games good for your health?

Video games have been blamed for everything from contributing to obesity to making people aggressive, but research is revealing that some games may be actually good for your health.

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Parapraxis3247d ago

"Video games have been blamed for everything from contributing to obesity to making people aggressive"
Funny, same thing can be said about FOX news.

Anyways, on topic, a great article.
The improvements for people with Parkinsons and lazy eye are fantastic.

Lifendz3247d ago

Once the generation of 20 somethings that are gamers are in their 50's or 60's, games will be seen as entertainment and not the whipping boy of any social dilemma.

There are fat people that sit on the couch and watch TV all day just like there are fat people that sit on the couch and play games all day. If most gamers are overweight maybe it's because the country is overweight.

Darkstorn3247d ago

I hate to say it, but video games DO NOT have positive effects on your health. Perhaps on your hand-eye coordination, but nothing more. If you see pictures from those cosplay galleries, you know that obesity is a major problem for many gamers, but that's because they simply cannot change their sedentary lifestyles. It's not the video games, per say, that make people unhealthy, but they certainly do not help.

Lifendz3247d ago

Does watching TV have a positive impact on your health? Better yet, by simply not having a positive effect on your health do games have a negative impact on your health? Maybe it's just that games are passive entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, the release and joy that gamers get from playing a good game is a positive for your health. Maybe me sitting back and enjoying a good game alleviates the stress of a workday. Ask any doctor about the health effects that can develop simply from stress.

Plenty of people that enjoy a myriad of hobbies are overweight. Only games are deemed to have a correlation on their weight.

va_bank3247d ago

I'd have to disagree. Most people I know who play games are known as "casual" gamers. They all spend less time playing games then me. That said I still have my family, job and my health take priority over games.

The so-called "hardcore gamers" probably make up less then 5 percent of gamers (I'm speculating, I don't know any real numbers). In case of people who spend more than 2-3 hours a day playing - yes, it will most certainly affect their health in a negative way. But this is no different than people who watch too much TV or read way too many books.

I do believe playing games is better then watching TV - it's an interactive experience that stimulates the brain, requires constant focus and input vs. just vegging and drifting in and out watching a TV show. On the reverse side, I've seen many posts on this and other sites "Oooh, I'm picking up this game tonight, getting a case of Mountain Dew and a bunch of hot pockets and do an all-nighter." Guess what? Two hot pockets and three 12oz cans of soda equals the amount of calories that you should be taking in for the whole day. If not getting any exercise, don't be surprised if you're 30 lbs heavier in 6 months.

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OtherWhiteMeat3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Games are good for stress release.Same as a good book or movie. Poor eating habits or bad genes make people obese not video games.

UltimateIdiot9113247d ago

Totally agreed. I use it relieve stress all the time especially when school work gets too overwhelming.

va_bank3247d ago

I started eating right, excercising and have got myself in a pretty good shape. What I didn't have to give up was videogames.

Arnon3247d ago

Eh... I can disagree with that honestly. It really depends on the game. Games mainly stimulate the mind and enhance hand-eye coordination. relieving stress and actually benefiting physical health all depend on the game.

Double Toasted3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

everything else though, I can only see providing better hand(fingers) and eye coordination. Then again, if it all makes you happy and laughing etc. etc. then yeah, its healthy.

CryWolf3247d ago

Yea alot of gamer could have told you that CNN.

Parapraxis3247d ago

True, but I doubt many gamers knew about the related research being done with video games.

And for a news site that is globally known to be putting out articles showing gaming in a positive light, it really good to see.

CNN reaches the mainstream. And there is still a lot of social stigma attached to gaming. I hope this article helps some critics realize that games are not only about shooting people and blowing things up as Jack Thompson would have you believe.

Danteh3247d ago

Yep it seems videogames are starting to get accepted, which is cool, but I think its also natural as our generation (the gamers)grow up and become the "leading people" of our society. What I mean is that until now the leading society was formed by our parents who had never played videogames, now we are taking this role and the social stigma is going away.

Still, I remember when I was in school and only a few of us were playing Zelda: Oot (1999)... everyone else was like "wtf is dis sh!t", and I laughed knowing that I was playing something that would go down to history :D

Going to improve my pharmaceutical skills a little more playing UC 2, see ya (hand eye coordination when preparing Aspirin ftw)

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