5 Scariest Games (since games have been scary)

Just in time for Halloween, Southern Gamer collects the five scariest games made since games have actually had the ability to be somewhat scary.

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Baliw3251d ago

Call of chulthu: the awakening? The FPS on PC.

Darkstorn3251d ago

It's actually Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (and yes, it will give you nightmares...).
They need to replace Condemned 2 with Call of Cthulhu, and take out Left 4 Dead.

Darkstorn3251d ago

And again, Call of Cthulhu is not really an FPS, but there's a decent amount of shooting, and every level is taken directly from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

mantasis3251d ago

Great games, call of cthulhu, why take out condemned? That games forced melee mechanic makes the game scary as hell. I'd move left 4 dead to 5, and dead space to 3rd though. Resident evil should be taken off, not a fan of the most recent one, put on Doom 3 instead or something...

Alcon Caper3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

No list would be indisputable, but the presentation of it was well done and a nice read.

Personally, I would have mentioned the 11th Hour (or The 7th Guest), or Phantasmagoria, Fatal Frame, or even Clock Tower.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the article.

Darkstorn3251d ago

Sanitarium is another good adventure game from the 90s. A lot like Phantasmagoria. You should check it out.

Madis0073251d ago

Looks like they havent played PC games after all !!!!
This makes you look stupid if you saying Penumbra is not top 1

Darkstorn3251d ago

Dude, Penumbra is just a ripoff of Call of Cthulhu. Play both and tell me which is superior, yes?

S4NDM4N3251d ago

I have only once been scared in all the videogames I have played

System Shock 2.

Dear God. I like broke my chair.

FEAR was creepy but cool.

Condemned was creepy as well.

SS2 was still the only thing that scared me.

Dead Space is NOT scary. Neither is Resident Evil. Doom 3 was a joke as well. Left 4 Dead? Seriously?

S4NDM4N3251d ago

oh ya and Penumbra is great as well

Alcon Caper3251d ago

whats so great about penumbra...i've never played it but all the youtube footage seems lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.