GameSpy: Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Hands-on

GameSpy writes: "In Rebellion's upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game, you have the choice of playing the role of the stealthy, deadly Alien species or the camouflaged, powerfully armed Predator. Or, if you're not really attached to the idea of survival, you can try being a Marine. As the various "Alien" and "Predator" (and "Alien vs. Predator") films have shown, the human race is vastly inferior to these extraterrestrial killers, fit only to die in many different gruesome ways. Years of evolution and advanced weapons technology, and we're still getting beat like the red-headed stepchildren of the universe. We humans get massacred indiscriminately, with no hope of survival unless our name happens to be Sigourney Weaver, Danny Glover, or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger."

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