Resolution Magazine: God of War III hands-on preview

Resolution Magazine writes: "Over the past couple of days, this is the game to have drawn in the crowds. Its booth is regularly the busiest here at the Eurogamer Expo, with excited hordes gathering gleefully around the eight enormous screens. There's a reason for that, and you don't even have to actually play it to understand that.

You want evidence? Okay. How about the scene where Kratos grabs Helois, wrestles him to the ground, then slowly rips off his head, with agonising screams and tremendous amounts of spraying blood? Just minutes earlier, Kratos had gouged out another character's eyes. And earlier still, an enormous, fiery beast towered over a gargantuan courtyard, thumping and stomping around in the distance, before raising a bloody huge foot and clambering up in chase of the player. One of his toes is roughly the same size as Kratos."

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djreplay3338d ago

Can't wait for this game but i must get the GOW Collection under my belt before then as they slipped under my radar the first time round.

I wish they would announce a EU release date already or i might just have to import it.

gamesmaster3338d ago

the first 2 games are among my favourite from last gen, i prefered the second game to the first though. Definately pick up the collection., they're good games even by todays standards, and put alot of today's games to shame.

Venatus-Deus3338d ago

You should import... why wait. you only paid extra for shipping.


raztad3338d ago

"Indeed, the game is a big fan of keeping you in-game. The gorgeously rendered menu screen for the version we played features Kratos’ head, filling the majority of the screen. Starting a new game doesn’t switch you to a loading screen. The camera simply zooms out, then pans around the scene before settling neatly into a third person viewpoint. That gorgeously rendered menu screen was in-game. In-bloody-game."

My jaw dropped when I saw that the first time. This game visuals will be incredible.

TotalPS3Fanboy3338d ago

Yes. I remembered it clearly too. Indeed, there was a dropping of many jaws.

gamesmaster3338d ago

with that one statement Dante's inferno just got owned..

raztad3338d ago


I dont want to sound disrespectful but DI is not in the same league that GoW3. Considering DI is essentially a rip-off of GoW2 (not a bad thing by any means) DI is more a competence to GoW Collection than GoW3. That said, I love the Cristian-Gothic style in DI, I'm for sure getting it at some point down the line.

cyclindk3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )


beavis4play3338d ago

"It’s one of the most ludicrously vicious games I’ve ever seen. It’s fearlessly gruesome. It’s soaked in blood and relishes in the breaking of bones. It’s the sort of game that makes the Australian authorities scamper for the big, red censorship button. And it’s absolutely brilliant."

hell. yeah.