New Peace Walker Demo Hitting PSN on November 1st

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions will be showing their support for the PSP brand by launching a brand-new demo of Peace Walker for the PSP on November 1st – the same day as the PSPGo launch in Japan.

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sinncross3336d ago

ohhhhh, very cool!

cannot wait to try it out. Peace Walker is shaping up to be one awesome title.

MAGNUM-RAM3336d ago

im in there like swim wear.

va_bank3336d ago

What's with this and the E3 demo - the game won't be out for several months. Most companies won't release their demos until they reach a finished product. I'm hoping that the full game will release sooner then we think.

Whitefox7893336d ago

first its a psp title

second they have a lot of experience with portable ops

third its being developed by the MGS4 team that barely squeezed through with the PS3 architecture I bet they could code a hand held game in their sleep :D

and fourth I already have the demo from the TGS 09 floor and after you beat a mission it "flashes coming out in 2010!"

sikbeta3336d ago

Kojima is realising the demo for the players feedback, I'm going to buy a PSP GO only for this game XP, sound stupid but whatever lol

Whitefox7893336d ago

It's not exclusive to the PSP Go just so you know it will come out on UMD (at least Sony says they will still support UMD) and if it doesn't you can still download it to a memory stick.

Though I don't know if you have a PSP or not I myself just got a 2000 model.

Either way I just don't want people thinking its exclusive to the PSP Go.

va_bank3336d ago

I'm not doubting that they will do a good job with it, I'm just surprised that they are giving out the demo so early. Maybe it's like sikbeta said - for players feedback; in this case I understand.

But since you mentioned MGS4 - It's still my favorite game to date, but I was severely annoyed by having to install each chapter. I have a 250GB hard drive in my PS3 and would rather have one big install then wait everytime I move on to the next act or if I want to go back to a previous act. I'm going to attribute this to being first Kojima game on PS3, so if and when there's a next PS3 MGS game, I sure hope they follow the lead of Uncharted and create a superior experience without or with minimal install alltogether.

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