Star Trek and Transformers Xbox 360 bundles incoming

According to the latest issue of trade publication The Future, Microsoft is readying two new Xbox 360 Elite bundles.

The Star Trek bundle includes an Xbox 360 Elite plus Star Trek the movie on a Star Trek USB stick, 800 MS Points to download "Star Trek PDLC" and an additional black Wireless Controller.

The Transformers bundle includes an Xbox 360 Elite plus Transformers 2 the movie on a Bumblebee-styled USB stick, a copy of Transformers 2 The Game and an additional black Wireless Controller.

There's no indication of pricing or if the Xbox 360 Elite features the standard 120GB hard drive or the larger 250GB variety.

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Bathyj3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Wow, does this kind of smack of desparation? I thought XBox was all about the games, not a movie player. Now 2 movies on a USB? It just highlights theres no BR doesn't it?

Oh yeah, FIRST.

Always wanted to say that.

WhittO3254d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

lol ye, would feel cheap having movies on USBs instead of on Bluray\DVD with a proper cover etc.
Prob smart though, these movies will be really popular, but i think everyone will agree the 360 isnt ideal for a movie player, it just doesnt have the look\features and gets well too hot\loud, its just too clunky and doesnt look like a sleek piece of tech infront of the tv.

(Really cant wait for Star Trek Bluray!! Prob get Transformers 2 aswell)

Christopher3253d ago

Do not want!

Worst idea ever, IMHO.

Bzone243253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

ps3 fanboy: "Star Trek and Transformers bundle? That sounds awesome. Oh, it's for the Xbox 360? That's what I call desperation. I hate everything Xbox and even if the news has nothing to do with my favorite console, I must remind everybody how much I hate the 360 and anything they do for it."

Godmars2903253d ago

You are so missing the point.

It not like those are bad bundles, they aren't, its the hypocrisy of the USB drives. That here is MS, endlessly going on about the value of DDL over physical media, of the 360 as an entrainment system over the PS3 and BR, and here they are offering physical media in a non usual manner to both assure that everyone buying the bundle gets it and that its of the best possible quality.

Its just funny, as well as indefensible by 360 fanboys, that its still inferior in many ways to even DVDs if there's no bonus material on the thumb drives.

Bathyj3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Just like you must call everybody who doesnt want to pull a Microsoft train a fanboy.

Yes I would have been all over these bundles if they were on PS3. A couple movies on a USB stick as if I'd just downloaded a torrent, and a movie license game. We all know Tranformers 2 The game of the movie is good chance for GotY.

Dont these bundles seem just a little erratic to you? I mean you see fanboys everywhere, maybe you have the fanboy goggles on yourself. You forgot where you lefts them, they're on your head. It happens.

Star Trek doesnt even have the crappy license game. Its just a movie. Thats a bundle? Its just clutching at straws. Trying to latch onto something else popular and tag their machine to it, but its not even game related.

In fairness, I guess there have been BR bundles, might as well fess up to that before its thrown in my face, but at least they were about promoting the format, which PS3 is about too.

This is about as random as a bundle with a Beyonce CD or a Denver Broncos Scarf or the latest Dan Brown book which will be a movie in 3 years.

I dont know, I just think M$ is running out of ideas. Time for a price cut soon, or maybe bring the next Halo game forward 6 months.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Thumb drives are cheaper to make than Blu-ray disc with packaging and offer the same 1080p with all the same content. PS3 fanboys above me are scared because MS has shown time and time again Blu-ray isn't needed to watch HD 1080p movies. In fact you can also store games on a thumb drive and it's quiet and much faster than any disc. Selling movies like this is like MS's instant 1080p streaming, it's a stake right through the heart of Sony. Allthough Transformers 2 was a stupid movie Star Trek isn't and these two have a huge fanbase.

PS3 fanboys you should start to worry.

Christopher3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Bzzzzzt! Wrong!

Digital copies of movies DO NOT OFFER 1080p!

God, I hate Microsoft for spreading this crap. Digital is in 1080i, and furthermore is with very much down sampled audio as well as a good amount of down sampled video.

If you want 1080p, you're going to have to invest in a BD that can hold and play the video content at the 10+ GB amount of space needed.

Seriously, there are just two things completely wrong with this. First, movies in digital format being sold as a single bundle is just lame and a poor stretch at trying to make digital look like a superior option to Blu-ray. Second, is Microsoft really trying to sell the 360 as a device that can compete with the PS3, which has all of the capabilities of the 360 + Blu-ray, as a media device of this sort?

What they need is a Foza 3 and Mass Effect 2 bundle.

Godmars2903253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

So you're saying that MS is thumbing their noses at XBL and DD by offering movies on a thumb drive?


Hell, by your logic MS should be selling games on thumb drives. Should never have bothered with DVDs which also would have given them space and loading advantages far exceeding BR.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3253d ago

cgoodno BZZZZZ wrong google is a good place to do research. 1080p on Blu-ray is digital all content on a disc or over a computer HDD is digital. Like I said google is a good place to start for some learnin.

Godmars290 MS is offering the consumer a choice that isn't Blu-ray, and it just tweaks your little mellon that it's growing in popularity. You see people watch movies now through all kinds of other formats now. So if it's streaming, DL, DVD upscale, or thumb drive no royalities go to Sony. While the rest of the world moves forward with more advanced options Sony will be stuck in the past because they laid all it's cards on Blu-ray. So while you're stuck with disc swapping, disc cleaning, and scratch repair. Steam, Netflix, Instant Streaming, Amazon, Games on Demand, OnLive even the Wii will be offering other choices for games and movies and Sony doesn't get one damn cent from it.

Have a good one bro

ultimolu3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Trying to be like Sony I see.

Guys, Jason will not listen. He's so blinded by Microsoft that he can't even see through those goggles. They're already fogged up. Don't try to clean them.

I smell Microsoft's fear. I thought this console was to play games? Now they're trying to bundle movies? Oh really?

Christopher3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

You should use your own advice about that whole Google thing.

Digital in this reference is about the method of distribution. Digital video file instead of disc-based provision, which is comprised of many files.

Digitally distributed video files are always in interlace format due to how large the file sizes would be using progressive format (we're talking 4.5 GB/hour of film).

Digitally distributed video files use compressed images at 1080 resolution, not downsized or source images at 1080 resolution.

Digitally distributed video files use compressed audio at 256kb/s level, not uncompressed audio.

Please stop trying to tell us that a 2 GB file will provide the same quality as a BD movie that takes up 10+ GB of disc space.

Godmars2903253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

My God! You realize the PS3 streams media as well right?! I mean really, you can mention all other forms of streaming media yet not include it?

Why is it so hard for you - seemingly impossible! - to admit much less comprehend that these bundles are out of the norm for the way MS pushes DD? Has nothing to do with DD, is just a way to get a high quality version of the movies to people if they don't have internet access?

Nevermind that they can't do it with the DVD player they provide!

IdleLeeSiuLung3253d ago

Beta vs VHS has proven that consumers care more about convenience than quality. Especially if that said quality is an upgrade over existing DVD and yet do not differ significantly between DD and BR.

As it is even the difference between 720p and 1080p is hard to detect for consumers, let alone 1080i or 1080p.

I think the price is really what is going to make it or break it, as consumers don't see a significant reason to upgrade to either at the current cost.

Moentjers3253d ago

So MS, we will be getting MS Office 2010 on a USB stick ?

4Sh0w3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Oh come on its just a bundle, how is that desperate? Its called marketing, both Transformers and Star Trek are movies that are very popular among the majority of microsofts current fanbase(same with sony). Thus the logic is that other like-minded potential gamers who are thinking of getting a 360 but haven't done so yet might like this bundle too, anykind of bundle is only attractive to those potential customers really interested in that game/movie. Marketing is about appeal, so offering a variety of bundles that appeal to a variety of people can't hurt, at worst they make a 50-60k of these bundles, which will easily sell out eventually, even if it were a Tom & Jerry bundle but the idea is to see how well this bundle sells(demand), if the initial sku sales are slow, obviously microsoft won't be doing alot of these types of bundles, if they sell quickly with positive feedback from retailers(high demand) then expect to see microsoft do more of these types of bundles,(theres really no negative risk involved) NO company is desperate with bundles its business plain and simple, a company that only has one approach to marketing either has a product that they can't keep on the shelf or they are a company that is missing out on potential customers(higher sales) and waisted opportunities. Are cell phone companies desperate for offering, gift cards for Walmart for signing up? Are car manufacturers desperate for giving away free Lunch at a local restaurant if you take a test drive? None of that has anything to do with what they are selling.

This tactic happens in every corner of business(including with sony), I was more surprised when sony did the hdtv promotion with free ps3's but if you look at it closely as a general rule you will see very, very rarely is the "incentive" vs the product that they want to sell/promote worth a whole lot in comparison, in other words just for simplicity sake nobody's going to offer a free HDTV if you buy a Snickers bar,(obviously a contest for a few select winners is different) because essentially if they have to offer something that is indeed worth alot compared to the product they are selling(desperate) then they are losing more profit off of the product itself, therefore again "bundles" of any kind are rarely desperate simply because it defeats the whole purpose which is to make as much profit as possible while also selling huge quantities of your product.

Sarcasm3253d ago

Don't even bother talking to Jason 360, many have tried but have failed because he's so far in Microsoft Xbox Land there is no return.

Christopher3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Faster growing attach rates of BD over DVD have proven that people who typically buy movies have already proven that they prefer quality over price. These consumers obviously see a benefit in 1080p over 480i.

The fact of the matter is that consumers do recognize the difference, if they have the money to buy into it. Like all things, prices will come down. But regardless, the percentage of people investing currently in BD technology and televisions to go with it are greater than the percentage of people who initially invested in DVDs.

As far as digital distribution, the funny thing is that it's easy to throw out numbers for videos sold, but in the end more money is made and tons more are sold in hard format sales over soft by more than 80%, which has had a abysmal attach rate in comparison to BD and DVD.

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chrisulloa3254d ago

Sounds interesting, needs 2 controllers and it's good.

zoks3103254d ago

But I want BluRay, its just better.

Midgard2283254d ago

u mean u want a ps3?

*rest isnt directed to u*

who wud buy a blu-ray expansion for their 360? why, its probably gonna cost 150+$ if they did do it. r people such moronic fanboys they wudnt pay a lil more for a ps3 which wud give them the best bluray player and let the play all the exclusives they missed?

wtf fanboys r retarded

Cenobia3253d ago

Unfortunately bluray doesn't make a pile of crap like Transformers any better.

Midgard2283254d ago

odd, wtf xbox why not bundle lego batman and pure???? o wait u already did that last week alone lol.

besides the ultimate alliance and forza bundle the other bundles suk really bad

LostCypher113253d ago

The Halo3 And fable2 Bundle was another good one.

HypnoticMonkey3254d ago

Movie on USB? Couldn't they at least just store it on the HHD?

xoxideu3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"sticking in" usbs is a metaphor ms likes to use to reinforce the xbox owners

Godmars2903253d ago

Yeah, like DD is better than physical media.

Or that th 360 does nothing for nor improves anything on physical media.

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