What Would The DS Look Like With a Four Inch Screen?


"The current DSi screen is 3.25 inches. Rumor has it that Nintendo will be releasing a new DS with a 4 inch screen. What would that look like? Time to bust out the ruler and additional screen."

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rCrysis3252d ago

that'd be so much awesome. playing on bigger screens =]

MonopolyRSV3252d ago

Pimping that Pokemon Emerald I see..

The bigger screens would be better but come onnnnnnnn, another handheld incarnation? I still have my original DS, and don't plan on getting a DSi anyway, not even for a bigger screen. Mainly because there aren't any great games on the system besides Pokemon anyway.

How about you guys make a DS player for the Wii instead so I can watch on my 60 inch?

Vortex3D3252d ago

With Wii isn't selling as fast as it used to be, Nintendo needs extra cash cow. With so many gamers already own DSi, an easy way is release a DSi with 4" screen because there isn't much extra engineering needed. The overall design is probably still the same as DSi. Nintendo knows plenty of DSi fans will buy it.

Nintendo has always prove that "keep it simple stupid" design always make more money than Sony that puts far more engineering into PSP or PSP Go.

Wii is mostly a repackaged GameCube with DVD drive and basic motion sensor controller and it sells like hotcakes.

Foxgod3252d ago

It would look like:

morkendo3252d ago

dsi would look more appealing with psp screen size.

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