Modern Warfare 2 to sell 1.7 million in UK at launch

This week's print issue of MCV reports that sources close to some of Activision's rival publishers are predicting opening week sales of 1.7 million units for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

This figure has been estimated based massive pre-release anticipation for the title which includes 500,000 pre-orders at retail.

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I'm not suprised by the numbers really, it's what you expect for a franchise as popular as COD.I was gunna boycott but when you see the predicted sales my negligable protest won't make any impact and i'd only miss out on whats hyped as being the GOTY. But I hope Dj Hero fails, Activision need a good kick in balls from consumers.

SuperM3132d ago

Just because alot of people buy the game doesnt mean boycotting it doesnt make an impact. They still lose the same profit.

sikbeta3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I knew it from the begining, you can whine all the time you want and try to boycott the game, but out there are more COD gamers that don't give a damn, so they will buy it no matter what

I'm not happy with this news, only saying the obvious, I only hope this not encourage Activision more in the near future than now

JsonHenry3132d ago

Must be a good feeling knowing that you are sitting on a Gold Mine just in time for the Holidays.

gunnerforlife3132d ago

1.7 million idiots over here, and my bro is one of them idiots lool

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Double Toasted3132d ago

one of the people hoping this game fails...I'd be miserable watching something I hate...succeed.

zootang3132d ago

I'm gonna buy it used. I don't want to conform

RussDeBuss3132d ago

rental only for me, want the single player, but i can't see the multipalyer being much different from cod4 or 5, and will save my money and get bad company2 when that comes out. still keep going back to bc1 for multiplayer, can;t stay away from it for long, even though i keep trying!


just waiting for some full game reviews
to give the full story

The Meerkat3132d ago

Any idea when the reviews will start appearing?


but when the first call of duty 4 came out we had a beta to go on but with 2 weeks to go do we realy know that much about the game
there is alot of money already in pre orders
but what if it is rubbish
that why im very unsure about this game at the min

unrealgamer583132d ago

the reason people are hating it because they're making people pay 90 bucks equivalent in the u.k, and if other companies see activision succeed then we might see another price jump for next gen. that's why im openly against this happening and i will be skipping mw2 for bf 2

Downandout3132d ago

I'm paying £45 for my copy, thats $73 i don't know where you get the $90 price tag from

The Meerkat3132d ago

Its only £45 on Amazon UK
Which is $73

I'd happily pay that for a game I'll be playing for 2 years.


it's £55 RRP.

check Amazon again, they list it as £55 RRP and then discount it to £45.

what it's basically saying is Activision want them to sell it at £55, but they are knocking it down to £45.

usually the retailer takes the hit because they make up for it in the total number of units sold or bundled etc.

cronaldo73132d ago

Many people around the world pre-order games in the UK. Cheaper.

I am from from PT and I buy my games in the UK.

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