David Braben Talks Game Narratives

Industry legend David Braben (of Elite and Frontier fame) has told IncGamers of a new story development technique ("the story crawler") which is being used in upcoming Frontier Developments titles like The Outsider.

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Leord3188d ago

Techniques for story indeed :P

AndyA3188d ago

Yeah, think it involves branching storylines and how they tie together. Hence "non-linear."

Dorjan3188d ago

In other words, Read the story before using it in a game? :lol:

Fyzzu3188d ago

Really, really good idea. It's something I'd like to see more developers using - I can see how this could be a massive help.

I know a few other developers have similar tools, but nothing quite to this extent.

AndyA3188d ago

Good to see developers treating storyline as more than afterthought IMO.

Redrudy3188d ago

Stories in games have never enthralled me perhaps a difference approach will draw others in too.