Why Arkham Asylum Failed To Capture Batman's Essence

The essence of chaos seems absent in the game. The Joker is usually supposed to portray a future which is heavy on sarcasm and goe, AA proves to be neither with the Joker's lousy sense of humor and repetitive dialogues. Batman, not for a single moment, seems to be scared of with the chaos in Arkham Asylum. His indifference is most poignant when he rescues Commissioner Gordon who has been his trusted confidant for years. Not connecting with the player is the biggest flaw of Arkham, the characters never seem to have the aura they usually have portrayed in the graphic novel.

The game does a half-baked job of portraying the psyche of Batman and his enemies. Hopefully Rocksteady will fix these minor nuances of character development in the sequel.

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Baba19063128d ago

i loved it. thought it was the best batman game ever.

Groo3128d ago

I loved it too, someone needs to remind this guy that its a GAME, not a Graphic Novel.....

iOmegaSeriousi3128d ago

he just talking to talk because in aether of the cartoon or movie batman is scared of anything that's why he is the fearless darknight

mattygamefreak3127d ago

Too bad whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

Tony P3127d ago

I am always in favor of discussing a game honestly, flaws and all, but this is making a mountain out of a mole hill.