El33tonline Hands-on Preview: The Saboteur

El33tonline writes:

"During my time with The Saboteur, EA and Pandemic's upcoming open-world action adventure game, during rAge 2009, I managed to get stuck in a pool of water, accidentally reset the Xbox 360 debug unit I was playing on, sneak around out of sight of gun-toting Nazis, and scale the side of a building by climbing up a large, light bulb encrusted sign.

I also soaked in the stylised black and white visuals punctuated by splashes of red, and the orangey haze of explosions, as I returned fire against those gun-toting Nazis from behind doorframes and in dark corridors, using ordinary room objects for additional cover in the style popularised by Gears of War, but much more in line with Uncharted (if you're looking for an accurate comparison), in the way that realism-based action shooter controls during firefights, climbing sequences and general movement."

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