360 magazine UK: Assassin's Creed II review impressions

I've just finished my review of Assassin's Creed II for the latest issue of 360 and while we're under embargo and can't reveal the score, I still wanted to share some of my thoughts about the game…

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theEnemy3039d ago

it's infinitely better than the first one.

And no more bullsh1t repetitive missions.

Darkeyes3039d ago

The first game tried to be a jack of all trades, but could only master a few (fluid climbing mechanism is one of them) aspects and got really repetitive after sometime. Besides that, it was really an ambitious go by the devs and I respect them for that... Thankfully, AC2 is looking much better than 1 (not only graphically, but even in gameplay and VENICE!!!!!).... I also love the art style of the game and boy the game looks gorgeous.

Frankly speaking, I am more hyped for this game than I am for MW2...

WildArmed3039d ago

'It’s infinitely better than the first one. '
'nuff said.

*runs to preorder the game* I cant have it running out everywhere like Demons Souls did -.-

StanLatMarveldotCom3039d ago

Sounds like it's going to be fantastic. Glad I put my faith in the second and didn't write it off as most did.

SnuggleBandit3039d ago

I'm still gonna wait for "user reviews" cuz the first one just burnt too badly!

SaberEdge3039d ago

I actually loved the first one, so if this one is even better...wooohooo! Seriously, this is one of the biggest games I am looking forward to this year.

NewZealander3038d ago

i just need reviews to come out, ive preordered th black edition, but want to know what version is going to be better (if theres any difference)

Poopface the 2nd3038d ago

I already know im going to get it. I really liked the first even though I thought it was a little repetitive and WAY TOO EASY. This one is looking much better.

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UnSelf3039d ago

you hear this jerkoff tryna get by? Go buy ur own damn magazine, no one cares for ur inept score

dgroundwater3038d ago

I'm sorry, but what your problem? The guy is posting in the right site isn't he?

frostypants3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

The first one was painful...I am surprised anyone bothered finishing it. I'm a bit shocked that they didn't just let the IP die...

swiftshot933039d ago

Im shocked too. I mean, Assassin;s Creed is only the fastest selling new IP of all time, selling 9 million copies as of June 2009. What was Ubisoft thinking?

bigrudowsky3039d ago

the first one was repetetive but not painful it was a great game overall not to mention the best open world graphics.

corneliuscrust3039d ago

look more fluid and polished than the second one

PirateThom3038d ago

I was kind of hooked on it, the combat and missions were a bit repetative, and the travelling was retarded (YOUR HORSE IS GOING TOO FAST!!!!!11111) but, the whole thing was so well done. The climbing elements, the story, the graphics, the cities...

I really liked it.

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DiffusionE3039d ago

YAY! MW2 can go screw, I'm definitely getting this Day 1.

dgroundwater3038d ago

Same here! I got a great deal on the limited edition and have no intention of picking up MW2 for a while.

ThanatosDMC3038d ago

I second you on that one!

FwanK3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

"You find out what the hell the end of AC1 was all about"

Thank God!

Only 2 years to find it out... ¬¬

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