Xbox takes over X Factor

Microsoft is preparing to take over an entire ad break in the X Factor next month as part of its biggest advertising push for its Xbox 360 console.

The PC giant will use the slot to promote its recent deal with BSkyB and the launch of the Lips Number Ones and DJ Hero video games.

Microsoft's UK Xbox marketing director Stephen McGill says: "We believe that the X Factor provides us with the perfect opportunity to communicate directly with our target audience and is the ideal time to educate them about the new games and services on the Xbox console.

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Shadow Flare3332d ago

Bill Gates: "Even if a product isn't good, at least make it look good"

gaffyh3331d ago

true, but I think it's a good idea. Sony need to learn to do stuff like this, but they never do because they think that it is not worth blowing a lot of money on one slot. I mean, the X factor slot is going to be very expensive for MS, because it get's about 13 million viewers, and they're doing a whole ad break?!

zootang3331d ago

This is good for gaming and good for Sony!

whoelse3331d ago

I wish Sony were as adventurous with their advertising. Having said that, I have been seeing a lot of ads over the last two months or so for the new console and Uncharted.

IdleLeeSiuLung3331d ago

I suspect that this is not as expensive as it used to be due to the economy. Then again, in troubled times businesses that do well are the ones spending more on marketing.

@gaffyh: I think the "it only does everything" is a great commercial and the slogan is very catchy. Sony have done a great job revamping their advertisement.

Furthermore, they are the master of hyping. Part of the reason why the Dreamcast died and what carried the PS3 through the toughest time that would likely kill any other company. Now they are doing great!

cRaZyLeGs 933331d ago

How is this good for Sony?

SixZeroFour3331d ago

yea the "it only does everything" commercial where it changes from "it only does games" to "it only does bluray" all the way to "it only does everything" is a much better commercial than the previous ones that made absolutely no sense regarding the and rubix cube commercials

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Bzone243331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Advertising your product is desperation? lol You people get dumber and dumber everyday.

Btw, I just saw 2 Uncharted 2 commercials in 1 adbreak. Must be desperation.

StanLatMarveldotCom3331d ago

This is how you generate 440 million in revenue in 1 month, show a profit for the first quarter of the fiscal year in a recession and be the only console with a year over year increase in sales. You kids don't really know anything about anything do you?

Cherchez La Ghost3331d ago

Advertising is a vital to all businesses.

gumgum993331d ago

There's nothing wrong with advertising, but I sometimes wonder why a whole commercial slot.

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Alcon Caper3331d ago

i think they just have to change their advertising direction to remain on top in the US. look at the popularity of the DS and Wii. They both have substandard features, yet they blow away the competition.

If MS can pull off a convincing ad campaign, it'll be mighty impressive...

Godmars2903331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

If its not desperation, if everything is going well, why change much less increase advertising?

Jinxstar3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

"to remain on top in the US"

I thought this campaign was for the UK...

Edit: Seriously a disagree. This is for the UK.

Microsoft's UK Xbox


Without even clicking the link. GD fanboys. WTH is your problem? Tell me why I am wrong. It's not like I ragged on any system. Just pointed out a fact to the above poster. If MS wants to spend the money for it and thinks it's worthwhile. Great. WTH do I care...

PotNoodle3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

That must of cost a lot, Sony and Microsoft have been doing some great advertising recently.

Sony managed to get some great spots within the derren brown shows which had gathered lots of hype and viewers.

This will be a good spot for Microsoft..

PS: How is it desperation? Wow, people are stupid.

gumgum993331d ago

Its a whole time slot of Xbox advertising, if I read that correctly. If it were just Xbox ads in between other commercial, then yes, I would agree with you. No company would do this amount of promotion unless they are seriously in need to spread awareness and stimulation of sales.

zerocrossing3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

plus microsoft always take advantage of whats most poppuler at the time, not saying sont dosent but its not somthing ive noticed as much, the thing is if your products realy good then you dont need to advertise the hell out of it, i just read an article the other day they wanted the family guy creators to advertise there new windows 7 but it didnt go down so well so the deal is off, they could do with making a new console realy, the 360 is good but it is showing its age

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