Nolan North Hints Heavily At Hugh Jackman Assuming The Role Of Nathan Drake In The Upcoming Uncharted Movie

PushSquare: "Nolan North has hinted heavily that Hugh Jackman is in the front-running to play the part of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie."

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Shadow Flare3247d ago

No, no, no, no.....ugh not hugh jackman. Geez. They could have picked a worse actor I guess but hugh jackman just doesn't fit nathan drake's character. Thats what I think anyway.... But at least this will bring the movies profile up more

prabx3247d ago

who do you guys think should be the cast? who should play Drake?

get2sammyb3247d ago

I think Jackman would be a good choice actually. I hadn't considered it before this, but I think if they're not going to have Nolan, then Jackman suits the looks and the type of character.

He's also pretty darn high profile so it would bring the movie sky-high in terms of profit potential. Which is cynical, but like Nolan says in the interview, it's how the medium works right?

coolfool3247d ago

of when the in-game voice actor played the live action counterpart? (this is when the game came first)

I can't.....

WhittO3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Ye i think he has almost nothing alike as Drake, it will just be to get people to go see it haha.

They should get Nathan Fillion off Firefly/Serenity, perfect match i think in terms of looks/personality. Plus... Nathan Drake - Nathan Fillion ?? lol

Also, it seems like they are making a movie out of every game these days yet nothing seems to actually be happening\releasing? lol

pharmd3247d ago

i like hugh jackman... a lot... but NOT as nathan drake... not even on my list!

that being said, im hesitant to come up with someone to play his role, the game was sooooo movie-like, i can't picture anyone else playing the role other than nathan drake HIMSELF... thats what its come down to.. it was THAT good

Christopher3247d ago

I don't see Hugh pulling off Drake's attitude, which is most important. We need someone with his sense of comedic delivery, not someone who looks somewhat like him.

Beast_Master3247d ago

This is a no brainer! NATHAN FILLION, born to play Drake.

sikbeta3247d ago

For the love of GOD, NO!!!! Hugh Jackman No and then what Christian Bale, [email protected]|<

frostypants3247d ago

Nathan Fillion if they want someone who actually looks identical to the video game version. Otherwise, Ryan Reynolds would be good.

They could do worse than Jackman, though.

Snoogins3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake
Bruce Campbell as Victor Sullivan
Emily Rose as Elena Fisher

A few of the creative minds behind Uncharted are huge Joss Whedon fans, basing Nathan Drake partly on Fillion's role as Captain Malcom Reynolds of Firefly. Greg Edmonson did both the soundtrack to Firefly and the Uncharted series. It's really a freaking no-braner.

EDIT: Read the last question, everyone:

Zydake3247d ago

I don't think Hugh Jackman will fit it well. Who I think who will fit the role is Justin Bartha (the guy from national treasurer and the hangover)

Justin Bartha

venomcarnage893247d ago

id like the suggestion of ryan reynolds. but i think james roday from psych would be a great drake. he looks very much like him, and his character on psych is incredibly similar to drake personality wise. the best choice i think would be nolan north himself but we all know hollywood likes to f#ck up everything theres no way it will be nolan or anyone remotely good for the role.

id honestly rather them either not do the movie(uncharted is way to great of a game to be ruined by a movie, theres no way a movie can do it justice) or do the movie with the games engine, i felt like i was watching a movie anyways, that way they can have the voices of all the familiar characters.

Shadow Flare3247d ago

Would it be that crazy to ask for the film to be made fully with CGI? I mean the cut scenes in uncharted 2 are already amazing. A big budget movie version would look even more amazing. Whats more, you'd have the real characters as they should be with the original voices. Drake could be the first true cgi action hero. I think the games have proved how well that can produce a movie like experience. I honestly think it could work, and work better then a live-action movie. It would also stand out alot more

duplissi3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

NATHAN FILLION........... and i dont think no one else could pull it off the way he can (just watch firefly), but im willing to give hugh jackman a chance though, he can be a damn good actor if he tries- just watch the fountain.

edit- check nolan north's bio on he could play the part himself, i mean he has already in 2 games.

GrandTheftZamboni3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I think Luke Wilson could pull it off...


jack_burt0n3247d ago

fillion and whedon are my bets for star and director.

Greywulf3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

You can tell hes faking an accent. Whichever one he does, hes about as genuine as a faux mask.

Lets petition. Not that it will do anything, I just want ND/SOny to know this guy is a tool. Doesn't draw anyone to come from the box office.

Serinity Captain,
Gerard Butler
Even the guy from Hangover(the teacher) would be a good pick..

Might as well book Tom Cruise.

Chloe needs to be played by the entire Cast of the lesbian scenes from the movie Gia w/angelina jolie and the asian chick. & That other movie with jennifer tilly and gershan(the girl from showgirls). They just cut to that whenever chloe starts talking.

bnaked3247d ago

Nathan Fillion will not get the role.. Don't dream too much! Hugh Jackman is good enough and we should be satisfied, or do you want Tom Cruise or Christian Bale? ^^

ikkokucrisis3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

...but they're following in the footsteps of tomb raider if they cast that Wolverine guy!

With all that money going to the actors, it's going to be a avg script, avg director, below avg movie, etc.

NoBias3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake
Bruce Campbell as Victor Sullivan
Emily Rose as Elena Fisher

A few of the creative minds behind Uncharted are huge Joss Whedon fans, basing Nathan Drake partly on Fillion's role as Captain Malcom Reynolds of Firefly. Greg Edmonson did both the soundtrack to Firefly and the Uncharted series. It's really a freaking no-braner.

EDIT: Read the last question, everyone:

alphakennybody3247d ago

At the very least let nolan dub his voice, he killed wolverine with his accent

inveni03247d ago

The only person I can think of that would be young enough and witty enough is Ryan Reynolds. And even he's not what I would consider a perfect choice.

Dick Jones3247d ago

I like Hugh Jackman as Drake, but I think Ben Afleck would do a great job too.

Microsoft Xbox 3603247d ago

Nolan North as Drake. Emily Rose as Elena Fisher. Well basically the same voice actors as their characters. Nothing beats that. Anything else will flop.

Immortal Kaim3247d ago

I'm actually against the Uncharted movie in the first place, the game is great because the characters have already been established with specific voice actors and the aesthetic.

Anyway, can I just say, the people who are complaining that Hugh Jackman doesn't have the same personality as Drake...Well guess what, it's called ACTING... Jesus.

Dick Jones3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I take back my previous comment. Joe Flanigan would be perfect for this role and better than Jackman.


ReviewsArePolitics3247d ago

Love seeing the retards passing off their opinions as facts

Snoogins3247d ago

You know, it's funny you mention Bradley Cooper to play as Nathan Drake. When I look at BCooper, I see Nathan Hale in a Resistance movie. I don't know why, it's just always stuck with me.

mal_tez923247d ago

My dad met him once and said he was really cool, and he's a pretty good actor on stage and in films.

The bad thing is that us Aussies can't hide our accents so well, so we won't get Drake's awesome voice. This normally wouldn't bother me, but afetr experiencing how well the voice acting is done in Uncharted, means that a film deserves to have those voices.

darkmurder3247d ago

Unless Uncharted will be a musical then no.

Kleptic3247d ago

ah Jackman isn't that bad when someone like Chris Nolan is pointing a camera at him...and he has a decent writer telling him what to say (the Prestige for example)...not amazing, but can at least not be annoying...but yeah, all the 'action' crap he does like the Xmen stuff is simply awful imo...but not because of him...just because the movies sucked overall, and he did nothing to steer them in a better direction...

Fillion all the way imo...he had to be some sort of inspiration for the rendering of drake in the first place...and he is MUCH better at delivering the kind of lines written into the game scripts than Jackman, at least from what I have seen...

but I agree that I am not at all excited about an Uncharted North is simply who I associate drake with now...and it would bother me the entire movie if it wasn't him simply because I would be distracted...

mralexander3247d ago

I'm a fan of Hugh Jackman but I agree that he doesn't fit the part. He's just too nice for the part and doesn't fit the character. Jensen Ackles from Supernatural is a much better choice. Witty yet prone to accidents.

Triella3246d ago

Nobody mentionned James Denton ????

dragunrising3246d ago

Nathan Fillion gets my vote although I doubt he's even being considered. Hugh Jackman has an enormous amount of star power and would bring in a larger audience. Its a shame that big budget films come down to popularity contests. I'm still pissed about Jake Gyllenhaal being cast as the Prince of Persia rather than David Zandi (a real Persian Prince).

SCThor3246d ago

he doesn't sale as much as Hugh.

Don't blame the producers for wanting to get money back from the movie.

JsonHenry3246d ago

I thought Matthew Mcconaughey for Drake and Kristen Bell for Emily.

f7897903246d ago

You get to pay them less and nobody is bothered by who the actor is.

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SeanScythe3247d ago

The Captain from the movie "Serenity" I sware he's got the look and the personality.

Arsenic133247d ago

Nathan Fillon.

Hes even half way there!

TheGamer3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Check his pic

Or the bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar

va_bank3247d ago

Sorry, I don't think there will be any dancing in this movie.

cliffbo3247d ago

Verne Troyer or danny devito would be good, lol

Kleptic3247d ago

this thread has too many pictures of dudes...I am getting wierded out...

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J-Train3247d ago

he will do a great job

Max Power3247d ago

:: cough cough Van Helsing cough::

Snoogins3247d ago

lol Van Helsing is the perfect example of Hollywood gone bad. Cool concept ruined by campy acting, horrble direction (didn't like The Mummy either) and an overblown soundtrack.

Rocket Sauce3247d ago

Van Helsing was a pile of crap, but that sure as hell wasn't Hugh Jackman's fault. This guy can do anything, I'm sure he'd be brilliant as Drake.

I'd love to see the original cast appear in the movie, but maybe not as their characters from the game. I can see Nolan North doing some kind of extended cameo, kind of like Bruce Campbell in the Spider-Man movies.

Emily Rose needs to be Elena, though, no need to look for anyone else there.

Snoogins3247d ago

Much like Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman is a terrific actor. Much like Johnny Depp, his versatility is dynamic, but not universal. Jackman would be a terrible choice for Drake because he lacks the childish charm and personality of Drake. Looks and personality are perfectly suited for Nathan Fillion (Castle, Serenity/Firefly), and this link expresses that:

lol I am going to wear that link out with how many times I've used it this morning.

Seriously, watch Firefly and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Rocket Sauce3247d ago

You're tired of everyone suggesting Johnny Depp for every role, eh?

Hugh Jackman is more well known for really intense roles, like in The Prestige or Wolverine, but his real life personality is so close to Nate's. I can so easily see him knocking out some poor suckers on a train and saying, "Sorry boys, just had to punch your tickets!"

You can definitely do worse than Nathan Filion, but he seems like too obvious of a choice, if that makes any sense.

Snoogins3247d ago

LOL Yes sir, I am absolutely tired of people suggesting Depp for every role. I still cannot escape the memory of how he raped Willy Wonka and turned him into Michael Jackson. Now Christopher Walken, that guy is too cool for school. I'd cast him in a movie as every role, be it man, woman, child and animal. lol

Kleptic3247d ago

yeah totally agree about serenity and slither...and if you have played either uncharted'll see how similar the lines are, and how well fillion pulls them off compared to drake's writing, and especially how North voices them...if it wasn't for the slight difference in voices, you would have a hard time knowing they weren't all supposed to be the same actor...

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HBK6193247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Hmmm, I dunno if Hugh is right for the role personally.

I love Hugh as an actor and he's a great bloke. But I just don't know if he can pull off this type of role.

Drake is the clumsy hero, the type of guy who will fumble and bumble his way to victory. Hugh isn't that type of a guy in his movies, take a look at Wolverine, the guy is flawless, more or less.

One thing I'm not so sure of as well is Hugh's ability to throw in the casual humourous line. Hugh's comedy tends to be more IN YOUR FACE than subtle, playful or the odd fantastic one liners which is what Drake needs.

I've said it before and I'll say it now in agreeance with SeanScythe and Arsenic Nathan Fillion is the man to play Nathan Drake, he is PERFECT for the role.

Failing that, why couldn't North do it himself? The guy has proven himself with the voice and mo-cap work in both Uncharted games and he looks a lot like Drake as it is. Get him a bit fit and I don't see why he couldn't play the role. I mean he IS the guy they're modelling the movie character off, so why not go against the grain and get the actual voice actor to play the character in the movie?

get2sammyb3247d ago

Nolan says in the interview that he'll definitely audition for the part, but he comes across like he doesn't expect to get it, mainly because of higher profile names.

El_Colombiano3247d ago

"the guy is flawless"


HBK6193247d ago

Can completely understand that. Nolan North in terms of movies = WHO??? Where as someone like Hugh Jackman = $$$

The thing that is keeping me at bay at the moment is that I don't think the movie will be made as a simple cash grab. It will hopefully be that the choices made all compliment each other and are made in the best interests of getting the absolute best movie possible. Amy Hennig should have some say in it too, she'll do us proud.

Hmm, yes I could do with wording things a little better at times...although watching him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and getting injected with the Adamantium and then going crazy...jeez, could turn anyone!!!

AliTheBrit193247d ago

No....seriously No

It wouldn't work

Nothing against hugh, but no