Pirates Of The Burning Sea Free To US Army

Flying Lab Software is offering members of the US Army the chance to play the MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea, for free.

The offer, open to all branches of the United States military, waives the $19.99 USD purchase price of the game and includes six months of free play, which usually sets players back $14.95 USD per month.

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Maticus3306d ago

I know lots of Army personnel who play WoW, I wonder if Blizzard will follow suit?

Leord3306d ago

Interesting move there.

I wonder if it's all about getting a player base in then? I mean those army folks must have non-army friends they might drag in as well :)

Maticus3306d ago

Indeed, and I doubt they'll all stop playing after the 6 months has run out.

Very Savvy.

Malfurion3306d ago

So not just army members on active service then? In theory, you could be an office worker based in the US and still be eligible.

Dorjan3306d ago

*shrug* Pretty cool idea.

Fyzzu3306d ago

Nice. Always good to see things like this, I think - it's a hard job, and any appreciation is well deserved.

Nawert3306d ago

Good thing I'm a marine free game

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