Eurogamer: Heavy Rain Hands-On

Shelby is another of Quantic Dream's unlikely heroes - a portly forty or fifty-something private detective with a mild, avuncular manner - and Heavy Rain's unusual conversation system invites you to gently quiz Hassan by selecting from interrogation angles that literally swirl around Shelby's head. As the owner refuses to speak about his son, one can decide to sympathise, reveal that Ethan's son is in imminent danger, press forward less elegantly or even leave the store.

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WIIIS13254d ago

Doesn't sound exciting but we'll see.

coolfool3254d ago

I think the excitement will come from the story, the suspense created in each scene and the character interaction. It won't be from guns, explosions and blood.

I guess it's just a matter of taste. I can see that not every reviewer will like this game but some will. For that reason I predict it will average an 8

nycredude3254d ago


Don't you have anything to do besides being a hater and total killjoy? you are like the not so popular lonely dude at a frat party hating on everyone cause they are all getting laid but you. Stop it with the hate. How is having tons of games and variety a bad thing. Some will not like it and some will that is life. I hope you are not normally like this in life, cause I got friends like that and it's annoying!