IGN: Excitebike: World Rally Hands-On

At this point, Monster Games should just change its name to the Excite Company. After creating Excitetruck and Excitebots on the Nintendo Wii, Monster Games's third project for the console is a remake of the game that inspired the company's first two titles: Excitebike. The classic Nintendo Entertainment System and arcade game is making a return to the scene in an updated rendition called Excitebike World Rally, and it will see a release on the Wii Shop Channel on November 9th.

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EvilTwin3250d ago

The new wheelie and crash-to-cool-off game mechanics will make for some interesting online matches.

I hope Nintendo does this type of vintage update thing with some of their other games. I'd buy an old school, top down Zelda with improved visuals to make the wait tolerable for the next console LoZ.