High Resolution Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway Ubidays Gameplay Demo

Here is a higher resolution video of Colonel Antal and Randy Pitchford's presentation for BIA: Hell's Highway. Even though this is still cam footage, it is much easier to see the incredible texture work and overall polish that has gone in to the game since last years E3 presentation, enjoy!

Note: this is an Ubidays presentation, but it contains slight differences in commentary and play to the other demo.

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Rybnik4220d ago

Best lines from this vid. Pitchford: "The game knows sometimes when something will be awesome"

Antal: "I don't want anyone here to leave, believing that you can hide behind a picket fence, when someone is shooting at you with a Thompson sub-machine gun!"

Seriously though,there has been some great stuff going on behind the scenes with this game, Can't wait to play it!

gta_cb4219d ago

off topic, do you own a PS3, Xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii?

ALIEN4219d ago

This game looks awsome. I think it's going to be better than Call of Duty 4.

Rybnik4219d ago

Yeah, this game is very high on my list! I'm glad to see that it still looks great inspite the year long info blackout.

sak5004219d ago

Games graphics have improved quite a bit now. WHen's the release date? can't say it'll be better than COD4 but it certainly looks better than COD3.

Rybnik4219d ago

Game is slated for release in November, but in a recent interview, Randy Pitchford hinted that it may slip into '08. He said Gearbox wont ship a game they are not proud of...a good philosophy in my book!

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