ASDA admits to selling key video games below cost price

UK supermarket chain ASDA has admitted to selling key video game releases at a low price in order to offer "good value for money" to its customers.

This is in response to a claim from earlier in the month when Chips MD Don McCabe accused supermarkets of "bully boy pricing" after seeing them reduce the cost of FIFA 10 by more than 50 per cent of its RRP.

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slave2Dcontroller3332d ago

this is a bad thing how??? I applaud ASDA for putting the consumer first

Raf1k13331d ago

Expect a sub-£30 price for MW2 for the first couple of days after release. It'll sell like crazy.

gamesmaster3331d ago

the idea being that the convienience of picking up your game from their store leads to you spending money on food items when you come in, so they make it back anyway. Supermarket will do almost anything to get you to come to thier stores, asda, tesco, morrisons are all at eachothers necks.

gaffyh3331d ago

Thank you Asda.

Btw Asda is owned by Walmart, just fyi for our American friends.



if anything the publishers are bullying us with their prices, the super markets have the money and power to give them a dose of their own medicine !

good for Asda, let them sell it at a price they feel is right. The publishers can go jump of a cliff because they are eating the other retailers profit.

mint royale3331d ago

Good for us.

But very bad for small supermarkets who cannot avoid the prices that arise from predatory pricing schemes and thus get bullied out of the market.

IdleLeeSiuLung3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Did you guys consider the fact that pricing stuff below cost means that you will drive your competitor that cannot afford this out of business. That means in the long run there will be less competition. Less competition means the remaining stores can raise their prices hurting consumers.

If you are the only one left in the neighborhood, you are practically controlling the prices.

That is why in some countries it is illegal to sell your product below cost!!!

mint royale3331d ago


+bubbles for some economic reasoning!

Personally I don't mind paying abit more to smaller stores who are not able to compete. There is a real problem within most industries of collusion where marketpower is gained by some stores working together on price to force others out of the market. ASDA, or any other supermarket/business would not do this out of the kindness of their heart.

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bigrob1233332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

defo agree there specialy since game and gamestations are carging 42.99 or 44.99 for the new releases now. used to be 39.99 for brand new games at these shops allthough game have allways been the more expencive

madpuppy3332d ago

I was on their site once checking something for someone and they sell all the generic items that Wal-Mart sells here in the US and the site is almost identical as well.

wicked3332d ago

ASDA is owned by wal-mart but the shop are still called ASDA, some of the larger stores have the WAL-MART sign as well.

monkey nuts3332d ago

Its not about 'offering good value as much as its about using loss leaders. Percentage wise alot of people who went to get the game from Asdas also spent money on other products while there. Its good for gamers though but incredibly bad for smaller game stores because they can't compete with the prices. My 2 cents anywho.

ginganinja3332d ago

And ASDA wont stock as wide a range of games as the specialist stores and just stick to shelves full of cheap, licensed shovelware - which means the shovelware will sell more, EA/Activision will make more of it at the expense of more riskier titles.
Less high-profile titles become more of a risk, so they either don't bother or they'll turn out more expensive.

if you thought getting games like Valkyria Chronicles was hard now...


totally agree with you both.

while on the surface Asda can make is sound like they are doing it to look out for our ( the gamers ) interest in keeping the games cheap.

In reality yes, they sell it cheaper because they make the money back on other goods bought in the basket.

Think of all the mums and dads buying games for the holiday for their kids. they are more likely to pick something up from asda if they get the chance.

it still works out good for us gamers so I won't complain but yes they do tent have a much smaller selection of games. Most gamers who know what they are looking for will still go to a specialist first.

TVippy3332d ago

Is it possible to purchase online from them?

The_Count3331d ago

Yes although the last reduction was modern warfare 2 for 37 pound but they stopped taking pre orders. If however you happen to be after that argos are doing 20 percent off it if you preorder and use this code


. However they're charging 50 pound so you'll get it for forty pound which is still cheaper than other retailers.

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