Why Sega's Vision For The Sonic Franchise Is Terribly Blurred

Mike Hartnett at writes: "Forgive the abysmal grammar (if there is any) as I just had to get this one off my chest. As many of you out there may know, I'm a huge Sonic The Hedgehog fan. The Sega Genesis was my very first gaming console and was not only the birthplace of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, but a place where the series thrived. Now, I had owned every single Sonic game released on the Genesis as well as the Dreamcast, but then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Sonic Team went from a group of tremendously talented individuals cranking out some of the coolest games we could get our hand on, to a team that is… well… we honestly don't know any more. It seems, for some reason, that the Sonic games just keep getting worse and worse; and not only that, but it also seems that nothing is being done about it! Rather than giving the players control and emphasizing speed, the developers over at Sega would rather try and rope us in with gimmicks, like the oh so unforgettable "Werehog""

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gumgum993248d ago

sigh... another rant from a genesis fan.