Get Ready To Import, PS3 Bayonetta Is In English - We can confirm the Japanese PlayStation 3 version is region free and entirely in English. OK, so the instruction manual isn't in English, but the game is – voices, menus, and all in-game text. Play-Asia still has some copies left too.

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Noctis Aftermath3130d ago

I still think this game is mostly just a hyped up dmc clone that uses sex to sell.

But i will wait for gameplay videos and more reviews before i write it off.

WildArmed3130d ago

I enjoyed the demo (on Japan PStore).
i will pick it up, but i refuse to pay import fees -.-
So it can wait, its not like I dont ahve enough games to play atm.. and games i need to pick up (including uncharted 2).
But I dont think I'll be playing this game with people around the TV.. it might be a traumatic experience for some of my lil' cousins lol

AKNAA3129d ago

If everything is practically in english and region free, why didn't Sega just release it world wide on the same release date?!

Btw, I find this game more fun than DMC! especially with the finishing moves.

theEnemy3129d ago

I'll take it as you haven't played the Demo that has been released on Japan PS Store.

The game is awesome. The combos, the weapons, the variety of all puts DMC to shame.

Even if the PS3 is not on par with the 360 version, it is still a must buy if you like games like DMC or GoW.

badz1493129d ago

the purpose of buying a game is to play the game, not manual! ...and most of the thing in the manual will probably be in game tutorial

NOOBKILLA3129d ago

Now only if the PS3 Japanese version of FF 13 has at least english subtitles and in-game text!!! I would pay $100 to import and play that game 6 months early.

vhero3129d ago

Only on PS3 though as DVD obviously too small to store English and Jap.

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reintype3130d ago

I'll pick it up when it's in the bargain bin.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3130d ago

Me too. This game looks like the kind that you see at $20 one month after its release. lol

Not saying that the game sucks or anything BTW.

INehalemEXI3130d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I will wait. I am tempted though.

artgamer3129d ago

I just don't get the excitement for this game.

xoxideu3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

It's got breasts, legs, and ass.

techie3129d ago

Got the best and most dynamic action fighting system since...well, since DMC1

Eamon3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I agree, those features you just mentioned (lol) are the biggest selling point of this game. I remember how hilarious the first teaser trailer was.

gameart3129d ago

Your lack of interest of this game I think has more to do with what is known about this game. Your user avatar only confirms my theory.

ReviewsArePolitics3129d ago

"Your lack of interest of this game I think has more to do with what is known about this game. Your user avatar only confirms my theory."

So everyone has to *want* this game? What a dumb thing to imply, regardless of anyone's bias. God forbid anyone think this is just a glorified version of Devil May Cry with more sex appeal

Antan3129d ago

Don`t worry about Gameart, its ANOTHER new account for our multiple account holder, POG, WHY DIS, COOLIRIS, I DID NOT MURDER HIM, MORGANFEL, REALLY DUH, PSSLIM, THE 1........etc etc...........The mods are already on to him.

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Snoogins3129d ago

Hopefully with the time between now and the NA release, SEGA will improve the port to be closer to the 360 version, improving the framerate in spots and cleaning up the visuals. I'm really anal about some things and I know my hopes can set my expectations too high at times. That and I still need to get my hands on Demon's Souls.

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