Even Kojima Productions Staffers Want To Make A New Z.O.E.

Kotaku writes: "Game designer Hideo Kojima just can't stop going on about his mecha series Zone of the Enders. He's been writing about a possible Z.O.E. 3 and by doing so, has gotten his staff into a tizzy!

"The reverberation has been bigger than imagined," the game designer writes. How big? Apparently KP staffers who worked on Z.O.E. have been stopping him on the elevator, in the office, in restaurants and in Tokyo Midtown, saying "Is it true?", "When do we start making Z.O.E.?"

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alphakennybody3308d ago

Oh! great gaming god of the land of rising sun! hear me out!Hideo Kojima! Z.O.E 3 as big as MGS4 and possible glimpse @ 2010 GDC with a release date.

Noctis Aftermath3308d ago

never played ZOE(watched a bunch of videos though) but i would like to see what kojima could do to the series to make it better on the ps3.

Also, anyone else think that pic of a chick in cosplay down the bottom of the page looks extremely hot?

Simon_Brezhnev3308d ago

just imagine this on PS3 with a royal rumble multiplayer :)

Microsoft Xbox 3603308d ago

For all we know its guaranteed to come to the PS3.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Considering all of the Kojima Productions news and interviews, it seems to me KP is not interested in MGSR at all. I didn't have super high expectations for MGSR since it's going to be limited by the 360's power and the DVD9, but if KP isn't interested, MGSR won't be half of the game MGS4 is. KP was passionate about MGS4 and it showed, so I think a lack of passion for MGSR will show too.

According to the 360 fanboys, MGS sucks and is an epic fail... oh wait, now that it's coming to 360, they're super hyped >.>

ZOE 3 utilizing the power of the PS3 and the capacity of Blu-Ray would be awesome!

hay3308d ago

This'd be absolutely fantastic.
I'm a huge Kojima fanboy so pretty much anything he'll do I'll be among first preordering.

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Jerk1203308d ago

It seems that Kojima wants to make more bad games.

Sure, go ahead, as long as it's not on the 360.

Feral Gamer3308d ago

I never played ZOE. How does it compare to other mech games?

alphakennybody3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

it's how a gundam games should be made! thats the way I can put it Z.O.E series is to me the best mech game out there.

Edit: eastern mech game to be exact

Bodyboarder_VGamer3308d ago

Z.O.E. is a 3D Shoot 'Em Up with a story almost as deep and complex as the Metal Gear series.

Have you ever played Omega Boost? Well, Z.O.E it's something like that but with much deeper gameplay than just "shoot everything in sight" like most of the games on this genre. To compare Z.O.E with other mech games it's hard because there aren't many games like this one on the market. The only thing that I could say is that the gameplay's very fast paced (well, it's a shmup duh!) and it is nothing like the Armored Core series or Gundam based games...

If you want to start with the series just play the second game because the first one doesn't provide much story beside the fact that Jehuty had another pilot called Leo. And even that is told in the second game...

If you like deep stories and shmup then you gonna love this game. That if you don't care that the story is told through anime cut-scenes. Some people can't stand anime but I love anime!

Aclay3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I've never really played any other Mech games before except for some demo's of Armored Core, but Z.O.E. is a lot more fast paced, and most of the combat takes place in the air.

For comparisons sake, to me the gameplay is like of a Mech game mixed a little with Dragon Ball Z (Energy Attacks, Fast paced Air combat). I've only played the first ZOE (and I still own it), but I liked it a lot though and I think the story was pretty good too

Here's a Youtube video of ZOE2 gameplay if you want to see what the gameplay is like:

alphakennybody3308d ago

@aclayps3 man i miss the game so much thx for the vid theres a ncsoft game online with similar mechanic as this game xteel its a free but there micro transaction for certain upgrade it's mainly pvp and coop really fun though

saint_john_paul_ii3308d ago

its a High Speed Mech Game. with an awesome storyline. Gundam cant compete.

StarScream4Ever3308d ago

Gundam CAN technically compete. If only developers can stop making them so dang slow. In the anime they we Godly fast. In game they were slow like they were drained of energy. Which is a disgraced.

PS. Dynasty Warrior: Gundam doesn't help either since its just Dynasty Warrior with Gundam skin.

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ZombieAutopsy3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Please Kojima i havent played a decent mech games since ZOE 2, I FVCKING NEED IT!

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