TheGo: Tekken 6 Review

Well, it's a fighting game sequel. What's there to expect? We've all been here with Street Fighter 4 and King of Fighters XII and just about every other fighting game to be made this year. Some new characters, better visuals, a small tweak to the gameplay that gets the entire fanbase in a spiteful rage in an attempt for the developer to change it back to "the good 'ol days" in spite of all their hard work. Oh, and a lame single-player campaign that makes an awful attempt to bring plot and two-dimensional characters to the franchise.

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Jerk1203306d ago

360 version superior.

Bet on it.

3306d ago
ndibu3306d ago

They joined the party a bit late here.
Maybe its just me but I've been waiting on this game a long time, too long, and I kinda lost interest along the way...looks like reviewers did too

3sq3306d ago

Ha~ha, how do you like that, NamcoBandai?