Sins of a Solar Empire GOTY Edition Announced

Kalypso Media has announced that Sins of a Solar Empire will see the release of an enhanced Game of the Year edition arriving October 30.

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Nihilism3335d ago

*sigh*, i'm sick of buying dlc + the retail game, and then have a goty edition released making my copy seem inferior, rawr

Feral Gamer3335d ago

I have the regular version sitting on my desk at home. I should give it a go.

YoMeViet3335d ago

did they win any GOTY awards?

Nihilism3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

unfortunately i don't think they did, but it's one of the deepest rts's of all time, if you haven't played it you should give this a go, i was hesitant to step outside the traditional rts formula, but i'm glad i did,

a good year for rts's next year, c&c4 (although to a lesser degree), starcraft 2m supreme commander 2