G4TV: Dragon Age: Origins Preview

Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer for BioWare, talks to Adam Sessler about Dragon Age: Origin' and the game's development process. Get the latest news and updates on this BioWare RPG for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Jerk1203249d ago

Knowing you, you probably gave it a little +1 on the PC, +1 on the 360 and -1 on the Ps3.

Gosh, ilu Bioware.

Montrealien3248d ago

Good thing you tinfoil hat wearing freaks are in the cage where you belong. And man do I love pocking a stick in said cage.

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

Can't wait for this game, it looks good and i'm glad the ps3 date has moved in line with the other 2.

3248d ago
Montrealien3248d ago

hehe, since I like to show off, check out my Gamertag in my Profile. ;P

Just finished the elvish orgin story line this morning, this game is the sh*t.

i_zamorak_i3248d ago


getting this game :)