Gamerz Ink: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Does Forza Motorsport 3 have the grunt under the hood to take on the king of the racing sim, Gran Turismo?

Read on to see for yourself.

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Jerk1203332d ago

I like them ratings.

Because there's no way that Polyphony can top that.

edwineverready3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Power goes along way, but gt5 will sell more and be a better game then forza3 and that is a fact. P.S real game journalism is dead after ODST got 10 and 9 scores and Forza3 is getting 10 and 9 scores both deserve 8 scores.

chrisulloa3332d ago

Says the guy living in his mother's basement.

Vonsutton3332d ago

I agree with you. I think GT5 will be the better racing sim for sure, but I don't think it will be able to touch Forza 3 for features like decal and paint editors.

Anyway, did you actually read our reviews. Halo 3: ODST received an 8.8 from Gamerz Ink, and Forza got a 9.1. Both games deserved the scores they got, and after multiple play throughs on each, we think we have rated them fairly.

gameart3332d ago

GT5 was in a low key way pushed back because it was lackluster compared to Forza 3. I would be amazed if PD comes close to Forza 3 in the short delay time caused because of Forza 3.

Snoogins3332d ago

I disagree with you further, gameart, for a couple reasons.

Firstly, there was no delay, low-key or grand, to the release of GT5, as there would have to be an official release date to be made to delay. The "Q4 2009" present on Tokyo Game Show's official programme deals with a Fiscal Year (FY) calender, an industry standard, beginning April 1st (Q1) and ending March 31st (end of Q4). March 2010, the official release date, falls under Q4 2009. Now you understand the FY calender.

Secondly, anyone familiar with the Gran Turismo Franchise knows Yamauchi is a perfectionist. He claims GT5 could release any moment and it could easily compete with Forza 3, though not in livery. However, with this extra dev time, Yamauchi is finishing a realistic damage model and driving physics for each car, dynamic weather and day/night cycles. Also rumored to be even more cars and locations. Forza may excel in livery and have great community features, when it comes to the actual driving experience, GT will stand alone.

talltony3332d ago

i will have more fun with GT5 for the actual racing. I think the best thing that forza does isnt the racing but the car editing software in the game. Its cool as hell being able make your own custom paintjob and then being able to upload them to the the website and actually print it.

Snoogins3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

With that said, I believe Forza 3 will still be an excellent game that any car enthusiast will enjoy. Personally, my experience with Forza 2 did not please me as I wasn't a fan of the driving physics or the terrible visuals. I have only watched Forza 3 be played and it still doesn't seem my cup of tea, but I am in love with the community features.

I assume you bought Forza 3, so you get to experience the game yourself.. Enjoy it, as many other people are. Be wise and keep the uneccessary slings and arrows toward other games you have no interest in to yourself lest you aim to make a fool of yourself, gameart. If a game is good, it's good and shall speak for itself.

ceedubya93332d ago

Not much of a racing fan myself, but I decided to pick up the game at best buy with the buy 2 get 1 free deal. Got Ratchet and Tekken 6, and this was the only thing left that I had a slight interest for.

Definitely a good game so far, as far as drivers go. Interesting enough, I'm more into messing around with the artistic side of this game. Looking forward to putting some of my own designs on my favorite cars.

Cueil3332d ago

you should check out They have a diffrent way of reviewing sim games... I should really see if anyone has posted it

ceedubya93332d ago

I just commented on the fact that it got a good score, then gave my own opinion on what I like about the game, seeing as how I'm not much of a fan of racing games.

It seems like a good racing game to me, compared to racing games that I actually played. But like I said, I'm more interested in the coustomization of the game than the actual racing.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I got disagrees for that.

ikral3332d ago

I dont have a doubt that Forza 3 is currently best racing game. I haven´t tried it, but i do trust people who are playing it. Because i dont have X360, i´ll wait for GT5, and for sure it´ll be worth waiting. See, no fanboy comments here.

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